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Sicilian street food: a delicacy for each city

Sicily has everything: history, landscapes, culture and excellent food. Let’s explore together the different Sicilian specialities that can be found in the most famous places.

Chef Davide proposes: Lasagne alla bolognese

Fresh egg pasta sheet, meat sauce, and béchamel. From the union of these three ingredients, one of the most famous and loved dishes of Italian cuisine is born Lasagna Alla Bolognese.

10 rules for safe travel

Finally the time to travel in total safe has come. Here are the rules to follow to travel throughout Italy.


For some years now, pizza by the slice has begun to have the spotlight on it, a true Capitoline celebrity who has also landed on TV.


Now guys, I don’t want to break all your beliefs but the only non original Italian version is the Spaghetti with meatballs.
I know, you are now thinking about Lady and the Tramp, all the Sopranos episodes as well as some Hollywood masterpieces like the Godfather or Goodfellas.


Risotto with PORCINI MUSHROOMS AND SAFFRON is the natural evolution of a dish that graze the perfection. Perfectly balanced colors, textures, and flavors. Unique.

Tivoli: The city older than Rome!

Everyone knows Rome, everyone knows its history and admired its beauty, but not many know that outside the capital, just over half an hour by car, there is an older city: Tivoli.

Insideat meets Tripduck

Do you know that if you want to try a different Italian dish every day you need at least 12 years?


You set the table on the terrace and uncork a bottle of Vermentino Wine. You are stealing a piece of summer. All for you. A cheerful feeling. Yout mouth is already looking forward to tasting and living the flavor of the sea and memories that every bite of SPAGHETTI ALLE VONGOLE brings you to mind.

Ajo, Ojo, Peperoncino & Left-overs

Do you know that recipe easy to make you used to prepare after a wild night out with friends? That food that saves you when you are craving for food but you have nothing left into the fridge.

Rome is tinged with green

Here we are again Insideaters! We had left ourselves halfway through the exploration of an enchanting, green and somewhat wild Romanity.

Rome is tinged with green

Villas, parks, and gardens not to be missed: The Insideat's mini-guide. First part
The summer scent fills the streets of Rome, which after weeks suspended in the silence of the lockdown slowly returns to its usual wonderful frenzy.

The wine neighborhoods

A glass of wine, a bottle for a special dinner or just to fully stock wine Rome is the right place.

Where the eggs born first or Easter first?

Le tradizioni e le origini di una festa cristiana che mette d’accordo i più piccoli per le sorprese, e i più grandi con i pranzi! Per tutti gli amanti del salato, tranquilli! La Pasqua è famosa anche per le sue “colazioni” abbondanti.

Nel Lazio sono soliti svegliarsi ed iniziare la giornata di festa con salame e uova sode, In Campania con casatiello, salame napoletano e ancora uova sode, mentre in Umbria si viziano con torta al formaggio e capocollo.

The secret place where to admire the “Cupolone”

Non stiamo parlando di una cupola qualsiasi, bensì del tetto di Roma: la cupola di San Pietro. Com’è noto, porta la firma di Michelangelo, che nel 1546 ridisegnò il progetto precedente e, già settantenne, diresse i lavori fino alla sua morte. La realizzazione dell’opera fu conclusa nel 1590 da Giacomo Della Porta e Domenico Fontana. La cupola di San Pietro è una delle più vaste coperture in muratura mai realizzate, nonché simbolo di Roma (insieme al Colosseo, ovviamente!).



Do you only have 15 minutes? Try the delicious zucchini frittata.

The frittata, a typical dish of Italian cuisine, was born as a poor preparation that was mainly consumed by the working classes. È un alimento completo a base di uova leggermente sbattute e insaporite con ingredienti a piacere. È una delle preparazioni più antiche e diffuse della storia.


Two Italian grandmas’ recipes to face winter.

In Italy, if you say winter it means comfort food. Everybody knows that in Italy comfort food means grandmas’ courses! They are jealously saved, handed down from generation to generation, prepared respecting traditions and with a lot of love. The first two secret ingredients? Deftness and patience. Thanks to them, grandmas’ courses – like meat sauce, chocolate cake, handed rolled out pasta ...


How to deal the cold Italian giorni della merla?

It’s really cold in Italy!
The reason why is: “giorni della merla”, the coldest days of the year! It’s an ancient legend rooted in the heart of young and old. Its main characters are a white blackbirds’ family who is arrived in town at the end of summer. It found refuge on a high tree in Porta Nuova district. Its life was happy and safe until the last three days of January, when cold, ice and snow storms came.


The Roman fried food recipe

Italy is full of centenary gastronomic traditions.
And even more, among old recipes, unforgettable memories and its indisputable beauties stand out holidays’ recipes. Christmas, Easter and Carnival: every occasion, in Italy, is good to set the table and celebrate the joys of life and palate. Among the most popular recipes, however, the first place goes to Christmas.

Ready, steady… go: visit Rome in 48 hours - day # 2

They didn't build Rome in a day, and certainly not even visited. Insideat, though have created a fantastic itinerary for those with little time and a great desire to explore the city, a balance between history, culture, a little traffic and urban art, closely observing the different souls of a city so large and so rich of shades.