Through Rome: 3 itineraries not to be missed to visit the capital.

A lifetime wouldn't be enough to get to know all the neighborhoods of Rome!
Each of them has a thousand facets and would deserve a stop during your stay in the capital.
Here you have 3 itineraries, totally different from each other. We want to show you the heart of the Eternal City through the different aspects that characterize this wonderful city!


Garbatella is one of the most eclectic districts of the city, where the regime architecture alternate with beautiful villas in Roman Baroque style.
A small curiosity about this neighborhood: This year (2020) is the 100th anniversary!

Trastevere is among the most popular neighborhoods in Rome, both by locals and tourists. It is full of clubs that characterize its nightlife, but at the same time rich in history.
It crosses the Tiber and is a perfect compromise between the present and the past. Here you can breathe the typical atmosphere of the capital!
Don't forget to visit the square of Santa Maria in Trastevere, where you can find the oldest fountain in Rome.

Testaccio, known as the working-class neighborhood of the Eternal City, despite its continuous evolution, has managed to maintain the familiar and simple spirit unaltered. The area becomes the symbol of culture and Romanity par excellence.
Roaming around you will meet the Pyramid of Cestius or the non-Catholic Cemetery (where artists, poets, and writers are buried). Testaccio also hosts works of the highest level of the Roman street art.

San Giovanni-Monti-San Lorenzo

San Giovanni is the oldest district in Rome, known as the Latin Appi. The unique authenticity is the contrast between modern architecture and ancient ruins.
In this neighborhood, you can find culture, traditions and good food. In fact, you can find lots of high-quality pizzerias, restaurants of all kinds, and wine bars.
On May 1st, in the square in front of the Church of San Giovanni in Laterano, takes place the famous "Concertone del 1 Maggio". a concert that involves various Italian and international artists.

Rione Monti is in the heart of the capital, it is a symbolic places of Rome.
A perfect mix between classic and modern. On one hand the wonder of the Imperial Forums and the Church of San Pietro in Vincoli, on the other vintage shops, young creative designers, and hype places to have an aperitif.
Another aspect that characterizes this neighborhood is the London-inspired Vintage Monti Market.

San Lorenzo is the university district par excellence.
Distinguished by vegan clubs, night life, festivals, bicycles. It is a multicultural place and a winning mix between popular and industrial architecture.
If you are in San Lorenzo, you should definitely see the Verano Monumental Cemetery.

Ghetto-Astra19-La Torre

The Jews Ghetto is a district rich in history. A small piece of land close to the Tiber river where, at the behest of Pope Paul IV, the ancestors of the Roman Jewish community were confined.
Here there is the Jewish Museum of Rome and the Synagogue of 1874. it is located on the other side of the Tiber Island, which fascinates millions of visitors.
In this neighborhood, it is possible to eat the best traditional Roman-Judaic dishes.

Astra 19-Tufello is a neighborhood less known than the previous ones. Astra 19 is the community center of the Tufello, which over the years has become the heart of the anti-fascist of ​​Rome.
It is a very characteristic place, where the real popular Rome is located. Open from five in the afternoon until two in the morning, you can breathe the air of an authentic Roman community center.

La Torre is a self-managed community center, located in the Casal De ’Pazzi district, between Ponte Mammolo, Talenti and Monte Sacro.
A place where freedom reigns, developed thanks to the utmost responsibility and contribution of the people, animals, and the environment who lives this area
This center is part of the Aniene Valley nature reserve.

What do you want to see first? One thing is for sure, they are all unmissable stops.
Rome is waiting for you!