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Ajo, Ojo, Peperoncino & Left-overs

Do you know that recipe easy to make you used to prepare after a wild night out with friends? That food that saves you when you are craving for food but you have nothing left into the fridge.

Rome is tinged with green

Here we are again Insideaters! We had left ourselves halfway through the exploration of an enchanting, green and somewhat wild Romanity.

Rome is tinged with green

Villas, parks, and gardens not to be missed: The Insideat's mini-guide. First part
The summer scent fills the streets of Rome, which after weeks suspended in the silence of the lockdown slowly returns to its usual wonderful frenzy.

The wine neighborhoods

A glass of wine, a bottle for a special dinner or just to fully stock wine Rome is the right place.

Where the eggs born first or Easter first?

Le tradizioni e le origini di una festa cristiana che mette d’accordo i più piccoli per le sorprese, e i più grandi con i pranzi! Per tutti gli amanti del salato, tranquilli! La Pasqua è famosa anche per le sue “colazioni” abbondanti.

Nel Lazio sono soliti svegliarsi ed iniziare la giornata di festa con salame e uova sode, In Campania con casatiello, salame napoletano e ancora uova sode, mentre in Umbria si viziano con torta al formaggio e capocollo.