Catania tour with dinner in a mafia house




Join a unique Catania tour with dinner in a house confiscated from the mafia! 

Catania is a city with a thousand facets, full of beauty to admire and characteristic places to visit.

Our tour of Catania with dinner takes you on a discovery of the truest and most authentic part of the Etna city, starting from one of its popular neighborhoods where the daily life of its inhabitants takes place.

During the journey, you will be able to cross the main squares of the city, pass in front of historical monuments and baroque structures to be enchanted by a Catania that has managed to maintain the charm of the past.

The most exciting part of this tour, however, is represented by a dinner based on typical products in a house confiscated from the mafia. During the dinner you will listen to the stories and immerse yourself in the vicissitudes of a mysterious land, which keeps the secrets of the stories of the criminals.

Lunch is therefore a fundamental component of this food experience, during which you can taste one of the iconic dishes, pane cunzatu, and some typical Sicilian products included in the list of Slow food presidia.

The Catania tour with dinner in a mafia house is ideal for those who want to discover the city starting from unusual places, and live unique experiences that show the most authentic aspects of the place where real life takes place.

Dinner enriches the tour with the tasting of typical products for true lovers of good food.

Live, taste, enjoy our fascinating Catania tour with dinner in a house confiscated from the mafia!

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5:00 p.m.


Piazza Dante, Catania


About 3 and a half hours



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