Food tour of Colosseum and Rione Monti

Discover ancient Rome and try some of the local street food with Insideat! 

This food tour takes you to discover the Colosseum and the famous Rione Monti, while offering you a delicious local street food experience during a suggestive walk through the characteristic sites and streets of the city.

Our food tour, in fact, allows you to immerse yourself in the millenary history of Rome, starting from one of its most famous and iconic monuments: the majestic Colosseum.

Immediately afterwards we will take you to discover one of the characteristic neighborhoods of the Eternal City, through a walk through the ruins of Ancient Rome. Here you will be able to enter the picturesque streets of the Rione Monti and try some typical Roman delicacies such as a supplì al telefono (meaning riceballs “on the phone” with stringy mozzarella), local salami and cheeses, the classic pizza by the slice and a delicious gelato.

Our Colosseum and Rione Monti tour will be guided by a local expert who will accompany you on this journey through the history and gastronomy of Rome, making you live a unique and unforgettable experience.

Book your food tour of Colosseum and Rione Monti with Insideat now!

Why choose the food tour of Colosseum and Rione Monti:

  • It is a suggestive and unforgettable experience;
  • It is ideal if you want to discover the places of Ancient Rome;
  • It allows you to try different typical Roman specialties;
  • It’s perfect if you want to eat like a real Roman;
  • You have a guide available for the entire duration of the experience;
  • It is suitable for children;
  • The food tour passes through some important places of historical and cultural interest.

The food tour of Colosseum and Rione Monti includes:

  • Tour conducted by an expert guide to discover the places of Ancient Rome;
  • Different tastings of typical Roman specialties.

*Te tour does not include entrance to the Colosseum

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Rione Monti



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