Join the limoncello tour in Sorrento and have a refreshing local experience on the Amalfi Coast! (h2)

Learn the techniques for making one of the most loved liqueurs in the places of origin of one of the Italian food and wine excellences: the lemons of Sorrento.

This tour will allow you to walk in a beautiful citrus grove in Sorrento, in the suggestive scenery of the Amalfi Coast, and to handpick lemons from the trees, while our tour leader will tell you the story of this fresh drink.

During a pleasant walk among the lemon trees, intoxicated by their fragrant flowers, you will also be able to discover the cultivation methods of these succulent fruits and the production methods used for limoncello by local farmers.

At this point you can squeeze the lemons to sip a fresh lemonade on the go. You will also get to know the original recipe and production techniques of this beloved liqueur, made with lemon peels, and you will be able to appreciate its unique characteristics with the tasting.

The limoncello tour in Sorrento is an immersive experience in the local food and wine tradition, which puts you in contact with the local people who take care of these lands every day and produce typical products known and appreciated all over the world.

Whether you are a curious traveller, a gourmet or simply looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, this tour takes you to discover the fresh and fragrant world of limoncello in Sorrento.

Experience a unique and immersive limoncello tour in Sorrento!

Why choose the Limoncello tour in Sorrento:

  • It is a unique experience 
  • It is a tour led by an expert guide
  • It is an ideal experience for small groups, up to a maximum of 10 people
  • It is an immersive experience in the local agricultural and food and wine tradition

Limoncello tour in Sorrento includes:

  • Citrus grove tour led by an expert guide
  • Picking lemons for limoncello production
  • Preparing lemonade with freshly picked lemons
  • Limoncello tasting
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From Wednesday to Sunday at 5 p.m.
From 5 June also Monday at 5 p.m.




Via dei Platani 12, Piana di Sorrento


1,5 hours




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