Private gelato and fettuccine class in Rome





Experience the art of making authentic Italian gelato and fresh pasta with our private gelato and fettuccine class in Rome! 

During our private gelato and fettuccine class in Rome, you will embark on the preparation of two of Italy’s most beloved culinary delights.

Our chef will guide you through the process of crafting authentic italian gelato, from selecting and combining the perfect ingredients to creating  two different delightful flavors.

The chef will show you how to create different flavors using a professional gelato machine and explain the difference between gelato and ice cream.

While the gelato is being prepared, you will be involved in the making of another iconic recipe of Italian cuisine: fettuccine, a beloved format of fresh pasta in Italy. You will learn how to make the traditional recipe of homemade pasta, following the chef’s advice, and then the chef will take care of cooking and dressing the fettuccine with a typical local sauce.

At the end of the private lesson, the most delightful moment arrives: the tasting! Finally, you will be able to savor everything you have prepared with your own hands, comfortably seated at the table, and enjoy a typical Italian meal. You will sip a glass of excellent wine and savor the delicious pasta and gelato you have created. 

But your experience doesn’t end there, as it includes an overnight stay in one of our exclusive accommodations nestled in the city center.

Our private gelato and pasta lesson in Rome offers an exclusive experience, allowing you to learn how to create two typical Italian delicacies with a chef at your complete disposal, enjoy a delicious Italian meal and sleep in an exclusive location in the heart of Rome.

Join our private gelato and fettuccine class in Rome to indulge in a delightful and exclusive Italian experience! 

Why choose the private gelato and fettuccine class in Rome:

  • It’s a private experience
  • It’s an exclusive experience that includes an overnight stay
  • You have a private chef at your disposal for the entire duration of the lesson
  • It’s a fun and unforgettable experience
  • It’s perfect if you want to learn how to make Italian gelato and fresh pasta with your own hands
  • It’s ideal if you want to learn to cook like a true Italian
  • It’s suitable for children
  • The cooking lesson and overnight stay take place in the center of Rome
  • You can choose your accommodation among our various facilities available, located in the Vatican district but also in other areas of the city center.

The private gelato and fettuccine class in Rome includes: 

  • Private hands-on cooking experience with the a private chef
  • Tastings: bruschetta, fettuccine seasoned by the chef, gelato in two flavors, 1 drink, cappuccino or coffee + artisanal biscuits
  • Overnight stay (1 night – breakfast not included) in one of our accommodation facilities (B&B or holiday home – 4 stars comfort)

Live, taste, and enjoy your private gelato and fettuccine class in Rome!

*This experience has been developed in partnership with

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