Our cooking show is dedicated to curious students, who want to learn and have fun.

Insideat Foto-interna-show-cooking-shool-experience-300x300 Show cooking - school experience  Promote your students even in the kitchen!

Students will learn about the history of the Castelli Romani and Cantina Cerquetta and will discover the company’s winemaking processes.

The Chef will then show how to make two great classics of Roman cuisine, revealing some secrets and explaining all the necessary steps, to involve everyone personally in a path of learning and fun.

Here comes the best! The class will enjoy the fruit of its work: pasta accompanied by a glass of wine. Then they will taste the excellent dry pastries of the farmhouse together with a last glass of excellent local sweet wine.

With Insideat, education passes through fun and, of course, taste!



From Monday to Saturday 10.30 am and 4:30 pm


Cantina Cerquetta


2 hours


Rome - Castelli Romani

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