Street food bike tour team building in Rome

Organize a team building event to discover the best of the Eternal City by bike!

If you want to organize a one.of-a-kind and fun team building event, our street food bike tour in Rome is right for you!

Through this food tour your team will be able to discover Rome by bike, starting from the characteristic Testaccio district.

The team will start the day with the right energy, enjoying a typical Italian breakfast in one of the places that Romans love to frequent, after which the experience will continue through the streets and alleys of the city. We will cycle along the Tiber, we will pass through the suggestive Piazza Navona, we will skirt the ancient Theater of Marcellus and finally we will reach the Circus Maximus.

At this point the group will make a tasty stop for Roman pizza and local wine, to then resume the journey towards the popular district of Trastevere.

This last stage of our tour through the streets of Rome also includes a taste of local street food specialties: a stringy and traditional supplì accompanied by a refreshing ice-cold beer.

Our team building is managed by a local food expert who personally involves each member of the team. Furthermore, it is an ideal activity for breaking down the barriers that are often created between colleagues, rediscovering the pleasure of spending quality time together and sharing carefree moments outside the working environment.

Contact us to organize a fun team building in the name of adventure and taste with Insideat!

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Testaccio district


Trastevere district


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