Organize a tortellini making challenge and enjoy it with Insideat!

Our tortellini making challenge is the ideal activity to involve everyone in a good team work, in which you can test coordination, work organization, precision and the finalization of a hard task which, in the end, gives a lot of satisfaction.

During the team building each member will try their hand at making the classic tortellini, mixing water, eggs and flour and rolling out the fresh pasta, which will then be closed in the classic way, i.e. with a knot that contains a tasty filling.

All this will happen under the pressure of the passing of time, and the participants will then listen to the evaluation of the best performance by the Chef.

Unforeseen events can happen during the making of the tortellini, but it’s up to the participants to know how to manage difficulties by finding alternative solutions to obtain the best possible result.

At the end, the whole team will taste their pasta dish made with great teamwork.

Contact us to organize a unique team building activity!

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