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school experiences

Food school experience: the delicious and fun proposals of Insideat

Sharing is one of the fundamental aspects of training and we at Insideat know it well. This is why we have thought of school experiences that involve students in a professional training, having fun!

Insideat’s food school experiences use food as an element of sharing and knowledge between different cultures, in which groups of students can learn and have fun.

Insideat’s school experiences take place in a wine cellar in the naturalistic context of the Castelli Romani. A cooking class or a cooking show that also includes a training course on the process of winemaking.

But it doesn’t stop here! It is possible to organize an ad hoc food school experience, also in the Rome office, very close to the Vatican Museums, according to the needs of each group.

Contact us here to choose the solution that best suits your students or to create a delicious and fun school experience together.