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Join our gastronomic tours to live like a local and discover the most authentic part of the city through local food

Food Tours

Best food Tour Rome, Sicilian Street Food and much more: how to choose the best

You can’t say you’ve visited Italy without eating like a local!

Discovering characteristic places, frequented by Italians, is the best way to immerse yourself in our culture. Not just a holiday, therefore, but a real immersive experience, discovering Italy, the real one!

Alongside our priceless artistic heritage, there is another heritage of equally important value: the cuisine.

Are food tours in Rome and Sicily worth it? 

Among the most popular in the world, Italian cuisine isn’t only made up of food but also of perfumes, dexterity, rituals in the kitchen that make Italian recipes real experiences to be lived and enjoyed until the last bite.

Italian food tours are just that! A guided tour to discover the artistic, cultural and food and wine wonders of Italy, to live an all-round experience in our country. 

You can do that with our Food Tour in Rome, Gastronomic experience in Trastevere – a very famous district of Rome rich in history – or visit authentic Sicily tasting Catania Street Food and Taormina delicacies.

On this page you can find the b the best Italian food tour in Rome and Sicily, divided by location and duration.

Do not miss the major attractions of the main Italian cities thanks to our guided tours, and end the visit with a tasting of local wines and the tasting of our specialties.

What foods is Rome known for? 

Rome is home to many really tasty typical Italian dishes, which have made it famous all over the world.

We are talking not only of pasta and pizza – the pride of the whole Italy – but also of traditional dishes such as artichokes alla Giudia or “supplì al telefono”.

To taste these and other typical delicacies of Roman cuisine, book the Gastronomic Food Tour in Rome – to discover the rarities, the story and the secrets of the Eternal City – or cross the Tiber, among poetry and quotes from ancient poets with our Trastevere Food Tour.

What foods is Sicily known for? 

Even Sicily is no less in terms of food and wine heritage.

Typical Sicilian dishes range from pastry specialties – such as the typical Sicilian cannoli and soft brioches (croissants) – to the iconic granitas.

There is no shortage of delicacies such as the Sicilian pidone and tastings of fine local wine.

Try The good and the beautiful of Taormina food tour – the “Pearl of the Mediterranean” – or taste the authentic Sicilian street food with the Taormina Food Tour. Don’t miss the monuments and unique places of interest by joining the Catania Street Food Walking Tour.

Insideat is waiting to guide you to the heart of Italian culture!