Tasting experience

Live a delicious Italian tasting experience to try typical products like a local.

Tasting experience

Insideat tasting experiences

Really knowing a place means experiencing the habits of the locals and eating like them, in places they go to every day or trying foods they usually eat, prepared according to traditional recipes.

Insideat’s tasting experiences are designed to let you try iconic dishes and typical products of the Italian culinary tradition and give you a true local experience.

With Insideat you can enjoy an authentic food & wine experience organized in every detail such as our typical dinner in Rome, which allows you to try several dishes of Roman cuisine through numerous tastings, for a complete meal that starts with an appetizer and ends with a dessert.

If, on the other hand, you want to learn how to cook typical Italian dishes or take part in a fun food tour to discover the city through the paths of taste, discover all our food & wine experiences in Rome!

Live a delicious Italian tasting experience with Insideat!