Sicilian Villages

Discover the traditional Sicilian villages and live authentic food and wine experiences together with the locals.

Experiences in Sicilian Villages

Discover the Sicilian villages through unique food and wine experiences

The Sicilian villages are among the most characteristic places to visit. There you can find an incredible richness of traditional colors, flavors and smells, which are handed down from generation to generation.

Discover them with our food tours and cooking classes in Sicily! Designed to take a dip in authentic Sicilian culture and tradition.

The natural beauty of the landscape, the geographical position, the customs and the typical foods cooked following the original recipes make these places unique.

With Insideat you can get in touch with the most genuine culture of these places. Cross the true essence of the places where the Sicilian tradition is still strong with our food tours in Sicily.

Live a day with the locals, like a true Sicilian! Walking through the alleys of the villages, being welcomed in a typical Sicilian house and cooking the iconic dishes together with local families makes this experience much more interesting than a simple cooking class.

Keep a piece of the largest island in Italy in your heart, by participating in an authentic cooking class in Sicily to experience an unusual day, full of tradition and good taste.