Chef Davide proposes: Lasagne alla bolognese

Insideat Lasagne-alla-bolognese-1024x591 Chef Davide proposes: Lasagne alla bolognese Video recipes

INGREDIENTS: Ingredient for 4 1 Pound  Fresh Pasta Sheets or 0.5 pound Dry Pasta Sheet 1 Pound  Ragu Bolognese 1 Pound  Beschamel sauce 2 cups  Parmigiano Beasil leaves to taste   How to make your pasta: 1. Place a scoop of Bolognese sauce and a scoop of bechamel sauce at the base of your baking […]

Insideat cooking class. Chef Davide proposes: Besciamella

Insideat besciamella-insideat-italian-recipe-1024x463 Insideat cooking class. Chef Davide proposes: Besciamella Video recipes

Features: Difficulty: Easy Preparation: 10/15’ Servings: 2/3 Note: Use a good selection of ingredients, especially the butter.The sauce is well known to be used for Lasagna but you can serve it with steamed vegetables as well as with a nice cut of meat. Ingredients:   2 Tbs Butter 2 Tbs 00’ or All-purpose Flour 1 […]

Insideat cooking class. Chef Davide proposes: gnocchi

Insideat insideat-recipe-gnocchi-roma-chef-davide-giovedi-gnocchi-1024x512 Insideat cooking class. Chef Davide proposes: gnocchi Video recipes FEATURES: Difficulty: Easy Preparation: 45/60min Servings: 3/4 Note: Try to use old (a bit dry) potatoes. You can serve gnocchi with lots of different sauces such as: Sorrentina, Pesto, Four cheeses, Bolognese and many more… INGREDIENTS: 35oz Potatoes (Old and a bit dry) 1 Egg 2 Cups 00’ Flour or All-purpose flourPinch of salt GNOCCHI STORY […]


Insideat polpette-al-sugo-insideat-cottura-1-1024x575 MEATBALLS WITH TOMATO SAUCE Video recipes

INGREDIENTS MEATBALLS 2/3 servings  0.6 pounds of medium fat ground beef 1 Egg ½ Glove of fresh garlic Fresh parsley (Or your preferred herb) to taste Black pepper to taste  3 Tbsps Parmesan or Romano cheese 3 slices of old sourdough bread 1 ½ Cups of milk INGREDIENTS TOMATO SAUCE 2 ½ cups of Tomato […]


Insideat risotto-funghi-e-zafferano-chef-davide-insideat-blog-1-1024x840 RISOTTO PORCINI MUSHROOMS AND SAFFRON Video recipes

INGREDIENTS RISOTTO PORCINI AND SAFFRON 2 people 150g Carnaroli / Arborio / Vialone nano rice ½ Boiled potato 1 fresh chili pepper ½ White Onion 2 Spoons of Butter 1/2 Glass of White Wine 2 Spoons of Parmesan Pepper, salt and parsley to taste 25g Dried Mushrooms or 150g Fresh Porcini or 200g Frozen Mushroom […]


Insideat spaghettone-vongole-e-pistacchio-paragrafo-1-1024x765 CLAMS AND PISTACHIOS SPAGHETTI Video recipes

Ingredients: 200g Pasta 1 Anchovies 1 Caper 1 Garlic 1 Cherry tomato 2 Basil leaves and/or 2 Twig of Thyme 40/50g of Pistachio 1/2 Glass White/Hot water 2 Spoons Olive oil Pepper and salt to taste Parsley to taste 250g Clams 10g Paemesan   PESTO DI PISTACCHIO  In a small bowl combine all the ingredients […]

Ajo, Ojo, Peperoncino & Left-overs

Insideat ajo-ojo-e-peperoncino-sito-insideat-chef-davide-1-1024x567 Ajo, Ojo, Peperoncino & Left-overs Video recipes

INGREDIENTS:    200g Pasta·      2 Anchovies·      2 Capers·      1 Garlic·      2 Cherry tomato·      1 fresh chili·      50g Bread crumbs·      1/2 Glass White·      3 Spoons Olive oil·      Peppe and salt to taste·      Parsley to taste Info: […]

Spaghetti with Mussels, Pecorino, and Lime.

Insideat Insideat-ricetta-cozze-e-pecorino-1024x512 Spaghetti with Mussels, Pecorino, and Lime. Video recipes

INGREDIENTS: 200g Pasta 500g Fresh mussels 1 Garlic 1/2 Lemon 50g Pecorino Cheese 1/2 Glass White/Prosecco Wine 2 Spoons Olive oil Peppe to taste Info: Level: easy Preparation: 15 min Servings: 2 people Note: Lime or Lemon A quick, easy, inexpensive recipe that destroys the sacred dogma of never combining fish with cheese. A dish […]