Cooking Classes

Join our cooking classes to learn how to make the most popular typical Italian recipes.

Cooking Classes

Best cooking classes in Rome, Sicily and Puglia: real Italian food, cooked with your hands

If you are a gourmet travel in Italy, you can’t fail to know authentic Italian cuisine.

Not only quality ingredients and traditional recipes, but a real sensory experience to discover flavors, smells, combinations and manual skills.

From the expert hands of chefs who for years have delighted the palate of Italians and foreigners, or from mothers and grandmothers who have passed down their knowledge in the family for generations, you’ll be able to learn all the secrets of true Italian food.

Where can I learn to cook in Italy? 

The best italian cooking classes in Rome, Sicily and Puglia are waiting for you to taste wine and local delicacies but also to make delicious dishes with your hands: from pizza to pasta, up to the most famous desserts like tiramisù.

You will be able to try your hand at the art of cooking, learning the techniques for making the best dishes that have been handed down for generations in Italian families and tasting the results of your work yourself.

Which cooking course is best? 

Insideat has selected for you the most beautiful locations in Rome, Sicily- like Catania, Taormina and Messina – anche Puglia – in the beautiful Salento, to take part in the best Italian cooking courses:

Come with us to live a true Italian food and wine experience!