Children's parties in Rome

Birthday parties for children and culinary activities dedicated to creativity, sharing and fun.

Children's parties in Rome

Children’s birthday parties in Rome: trust Insideat!

We organize birthday parties for children in Rome with fun activities that involve them in making pasta, pizza and biscuits.

Each child is provided with an apron to take on the role of aspiring Chef and, at the end of the experience, also a certificate of participation.

Each experience is made of two distinct moments: in the first phase, the children carry out the activities followed by the Chefs and parents present; in the second part of the experience, however, they consume what they have prepared and other snacks.

The three different proposals (Kids pizza party, kids cookie party, fettuccine and ravioli party) can also be customized according to the customer’s needs and wishes.

These are original children’s parties, where our little apprentices can test their dexterity, become aware of their abilities and experience a moment of playful sharing with others.

Prices vary according to the preparations, the activities carried out and the number of children involved.