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Join our Gelato and fettuccine making class in Rome to learn how to make them with a real Chef and enjoy in good company.

€ 89 per person

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Jenna N
Highlight of our trip
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Tom and Massimiliano were amazing tutors- this was our first time taking a class like this and it truly capped off our Rome experience. They were patient, informative, supportive and personable - making for a fun, exciting experience. We learned to make authentic food- they even give you the recipes after. And even better, the food was amazing!!! Highly recommend this experience.
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Most fun activity we did during our week in Rome!
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My financé and I did this activity, and it was fantastic! It was only the 2 of us + the guide. We met outside the market, and he gave an excellent explanation about the differences in dough making. In the restaurant, we appreciated his knowledge in food + wine pairing and talking about the science behind what we eat (like acidity vs sweetness in wine and pairing with pizzas). Making the pizza was also so fun because we got to do each step in the process from make the dough, stretch it out, apply the sauce and toppings, and put into the oven. Plus it tasted amazing! Do this experience when you are in Rome!!! Of the Vatican, Colosseum, and day trip to Tuscany, this was the best!
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Awesome experience
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This was one of our favorite experiences on a recent trip to Italy. Tom, the chef/teacher was great. The food was fun to make and tasted delicious. The was only 4 of us in the class so it was really hands-on. We each made our own food and was able to choose the sauce we wanted on the pasta. This is a fun way to spend an evening in Rome and come out with new skills.
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So worth it!
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What a fun time this was! The class was extremely well organized and the pasta we made was delicious. A great way to spend a few hours taking a break from all the walking and sightseeing. Our chef was just wonderful! Something we will always remember.
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An excellent foodie experience
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It was a very pleasant and instructive experience. The 2 cooks, Vincenzo and Davide, were very passionate and eager to share their knowledge about Italian kitchen and prepared us also excellent pizza finger food, before we started to make our own pizza, which was really good by the way as the restaurant has the best ingredients. Ci siamo divertiti molto! Grazie!
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Sonam T
Amazing Italy Experience
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Amazing experience! Awesome time learning how to make the pasta dishes and tiramisu! Super helpful, easy to understand, and a fun experience for the whole family! It was the highlight of our Italy trip! The meal was also one of our favorites in Italy! The restaurant was also fully shut for our private experience! Definitely recommend this class!!
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Perfect intro to Italian cooking - 100% reccomend!
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This was an all-round fantastic experience. You can tell that Davide, the chef, really enjoys teaching. He's very patient and friendly, happy to answer questions, knows heaps about Italian cuisine and was also extremely accommodating of my lactose intolerance. I had assumed that I wouldn't be having dessert but he managed to find lactose free mascarpone so I could make the tiramisu, and lactose free ricotta so I could make ravioli. Making the pasta was great and Davide explained what we were doing and why, so I learned heaps about flour, measurements, techniques etc. I'm definitely investing in a pasta machine when I get home! Doing it in a real restaurant that is setting up for dinner made the atmosphere extra cool too. The food itself was delicious and I also had enough for dinner the next day. Drinks and snacks were provided throughout and the restaurant staff were all lovely. Davide was also happy to suggest things to do in Rome and is a big foodie so gave me some great recommendations. It was exactly what I wanted and I honestly wouldn't change a thing.
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pasta and tiramisu cooking class
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This was an informative and fun experience. The restaurant in which it took place was an excellent and welcoming environment. The lesson was hands on. The instructor was skilled and patient and had a good sense of humour. My fellow students were great company and the small group facilitated friendly interaction. I was solo and felt welcome and included. When our work was done, we sat back and had out efforts cooked and served to us. Lots of food and delicious results. All in all I would recommend this experience to anyone who wants to enjoy while learning to cook some iconic Italian dishes.