Penne all’arrabbiata: the queen of Italian spicy recipes.

Penne pasta with arrabbiata sauce. Where did this bizarre name come from?

Do you know penne all’arrabbiata? It is a very simple and popular recipe in Italy, perhaps one of the most famous spicy recipes of Italian cuisine. It is very simple to prepare, as it requires few ingredients and is a perfect way to enhance the flavor of chilli and quality extra virgin olive oil.

Do you know why they are called penne all’arrabbiata? This word in Italian means angry and, as you know, people who get angry usually turn red, just the same reaction as those who eat such a spicy dish!

Obviously, you can prepare a nice dish of penne all’arrabbiata by measuring the chilli pepper to your liking, you don’t have to prepare a dish worthy of a chili challenge. You can certainly have fun choosing the chilli pepper you like best and tasting the different versions to find your favorite balance.

Finally, remember that for a perfect dish of penne all’arrabbiata it is essential to use a good-quality extra virgin olive oil.  It will make your taste buds go wild!

Ingredients for le penne all’arrabbiata

  • Pasta “penne rigate” 200 gr
    Tomato sauce (passata) or crushed peeled tomatoes 350 gr
    Garlic 1 clove
    Parsley as required
    Hot chili pepper 1 small (as you prefer)
    Extra virgin olive oil as required
    Salt as required

Preparation procedure

  1. Chop the parsley with a knife, set it aside
  2. Chop the chili pepper
  3. Crush a clove of garlic
  4. Drop the penne rigate in plenty of boiling salted water
  5. In the meantime, heat the extra virgin olive oil in a pan and brown the garlic and chilli for a minute
  6. Add a pinch of salt and a part of the chopped parsley
  7. Remove the garlic
  8. Pour the tomato into the pan and cook until the thickens
  9. Drain the pasta al dente and put it into the pan. Stir well
  10. Put the pasta on a plate and decorate with chopped parsley, slices of hot pepper and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

If you want to see our chef Vincenzo prepare penne all’arrabbiata, you can find the video on our YouTube Channel.

Buon appetito!

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