Immerse yourself in the charm of an ancient Tuscan farmhouse, where the rolling hills and panoramic countryside provide the perfect backdrop for our Chianti Cooking Class

Step through the garden entrance of a rustic Chianti farmhouse, nestled amid the picturesque Tuscan hills, and live the unique experience of becoming a member of a genuine Tuscan family for a day, exploring their rich culinary tradition.

You will embark on the art of crafting homemade fresh pasta, a tradition passed down from generation to generation. Together with Anna and Valentina, you will roll out and shape the pasta by hand, savoring the satisfaction of creating something genuinely authentic.

Subsequently, during the Chianti Cooking Class, you will have the opportunity to discover a recipe cherished and handed down over time by the family: Grandma Nini’s Tuscan dessert, adding an exclusive touch to your culinary repertoire.

While this delight bakes in the oven, you can relax in the garden, enjoying a selection of delicious appetizers, all made with the finest ingredients from the family farm. And, of course, this experience is made even more special by the accompaniment of exceptional Chianti wine, complementing the flavors of Tuscan cuisine.

Our culinary journey continues with the tasting of two distinct varieties of freshly crafted pasta, prepared by your own hands during the Chianti Cooking Class, paired with two delectable sauces from the authentic Italian culinary tradition.

Following that, you’ll be treated to two delectable desserts; naturally, an Italian meal wouldn’t be complete without a steaming cup of coffee, brewed using the traditional moka pot!

Choose the Chianti Cooking Class for an unparalleled blend of tradition, flavor, and hands-on culinary exploration in the heart of Tuscany!

Why choose Insideat’s Chianti Cooking Class:

  • It is an engaging, immersive and authentic experience
  • It’s ideal if you are eager to prepare and savor typical Italian recipes
  • You can learn how to make two different pasta shapes with a local family 
  • It takes place in a charming setting among the hills of Chianti
  • It’s suitable for couples, families, small groups and vegetarians
  • It’s an experience that allows you to connect with local traditions and people

The Chianti Cooking class includes: 

  • Italian cooking lesson with a local family 
  • Selection of appetizers  (fragrant bruschettas, olives,  panzanella, fettunta and more)
  • Tasting of Freshly Made Pasta
  • Two delightful desserts
  • Moka coffee
  • 1 bottle of Chianti wine per  2 people
  • Small gift
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From Tuesday to Friday 11:30 am


4 hours



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