Live a sensorial tour experience on extra virgin olive oil in Umbria! 

The experience begins with a pleasant and immersive walk in the olive grove of an important Umbrian oil mill, where one of the best oils in the region is produced.

The walk, conducted by the producer himself, is aimed at making known the variety of olives used for the production of oil and at explaining and making people understand the immense work of harvesting and cleaning that precedes the processing itself.

Immediately afterwards you return to the beautiful oil mill for a tasting of all the oils produced by the company. It will be a sensory journey aimed at understanding and appreciating the characteristics of the various oils and distinguishing the cultivars from which they come. At the end of the experience, guests will be able to distinguish a high-quality product from a simple commercial oil. The tasting of extra virgin olive oil is also accompanied by the tasting of traditional Umbrian specialties for an all-around sensory experience.

You will taste local vegetables and legumes, bread made with different flours, local cheeses and homemade olive oil gelato.

It is an immersive experience in the world of a product that is increasingly appreciated and sought after all over the world.

Live, taste, enjoy a sensorial experience on extra virgin olive oil in Umbria! 

Why choose the extra virgin olive oil experience in Umbria: 

  • It is an immersive experience in the world of extra virgin olive oil
  • It allows you to walk in an olive grove and visit an important Umbrian oil mill
  • It allows you to learn about the oil production process
  • You will learn to evaluate the organoleptic characteristics of olive oil
  • You will learn to distinguish high quality oil
  • The experience is led by an expert
  • It is perfect for groups

The oil mill tour with sensory tasting includes: 

  • Walk in an Umbrian olive grove
  • Tour of the oil mill
  • Tasting of extra virgin olive oil
  • Tasting of typical specialties such as local vegetables and legumes, cheeses, various types of bread, local cheeses and extra virgin olive oil gelato.
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From Monday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.


Bettona (Perugia)




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