Organize a mixology team building with Insideat!

Challenge your team members with a fun mixology game, during which they will learn how to create cocktails that will be evaluated for the final award ceremony.

Our mixology team building consists of a friendly challenge between the participants, who will first listen to a brief introduction to the world of cocktails from the Bartender, who will provide theoretical knowledge on the spirits and the most used preparation techniques, and then will kick off a real mixology game.

At this point each participant will be given their own workstation, where the tools of the trade are present, to mix the right ingredients and create the most famous cocktails.

Intuition, sense of proportion and dexterity are the skills that will be required of each team member. But the team building doesn’t end here!

At this point each participant will be able to create their own cocktail, which will then be tasted and evaluated by the bartender. After tasting the drinks made during the activity, there will be a tasting of some excellent Neapolitan pizza in an atmosphere of conviviality that will allow you to strengthen “team spirits”!

At the end of the experience, there will also be a small award ceremony and everyone will receive a certificate of participation.

Contact us to organize an intoxicating mixology game and test the team spirit with Insideat!

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