Organize a tasty contest and challenge your team in pizza making!

Pizza is one of the most loved dishes and one of the best to challenge colleagues in the kitchen. For the realization of the pizza, in fact, a good dexterity, the right creativity and a lot of precision in the dosage of the ingredients are essential to obtain an elastic dough at the right point and good to the taste.

Our pizza making contest is the perfect activity to create a fun moment of sharing and allow the team to develop healthy competition.

Each member of the team will be followed by the master pizza maker in the preparation of the pizza at the key moments: kneading, rolling out and baking become a constructive moment in which you put yourself to the test.

Furthermore, between one step and another, the pizza maker will challenge everyone with games and activities that will bring out everyone’s hidden skills. Which team will make the best pizza?

Finally, everyone will enjoy the pizza in an atmosphere of conviviality and lightness, because challenges allow you to come together and get to know each other better, which after all is the most beautiful aspect of the experience.

Tempt your team with Insideat’s pizza making contest! 

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