Find out what your colleagues are made of with our Pasta making challenge! 

Organize a creative team building event by challenging your colleagues in the creation of one of the most famous preparations of Italian cuisine: handmade pasta.

During the challenge, team members will have the opportunity to test their skills and challenge each other, through an active comparison, with an immersive lesson on fresh pasta. By mixing three simple ingredients such as water, flour and eggs, they will create the classic fettuccine or stuffed ravioli to test their dexterity and creativity.

Preparations will be guided by our Chef who will test the entire team through challenges and quizzes, to bring out everyone’s leadership skills and at the same time promote cohesion and collaboration among team members.

The challenge will consolidate rapports with a delicious moment of conviviality: colleagues will all gather around a table to enjoy the fruit of good teamwork.

Contact us to organize a fun pasta making challenge!

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