Testaccio street food tour

Taste the authentic flavors of Rome with our Testaccio food tour!

During our tour you will discover the culinary treasures hidden in the picturesque area of Testaccio, as well as one of the most peculiar districts of Rome.

Here you can taste local delicacies and street food such as the classic supplì al telefono (meaning “supplì on the phone”, riceballs with stringy mozzarella), some samples of cold cuts and cheeses, pasta topped with typical sauces, a local dessert and much more.

Our expert guide will tell you about the origins of the dishes you will sample and the history of the neighborhood, during a walk that will lead you to discover some places of historical and cultural interest, such as the Pyramid of Cestius and the lively Testaccio market.

Our Testaccio food tour will allow you to discover one of the most authentic and true neighborhoods of Rome, during which you will come into contact with the locals, far from the classic tourist routes, to live a true local experience.

Book now the Testaccio food tour to live an unforgettable experience with Insideat!

Why choose the Testaccio food tour:

  • It is a fun and unforgettable experience
  • It is ideal if you want to discover authentic Rome
  • Allows you to try different typical Roman specialties
  • It’s perfect if you want to eat like a real Roman
  • You have a guide available for the entire duration of the experience
  • It is suitable for children
  • The food tour takes you on a discovery of the characteristic Testaccio district

Testaccio food tour includes:

  • Different tastings of typical Roman specialities
  • Tour led by an expert guide
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Monday to Saturday at 11:00


Piazza di Testaccio


Piramide Cestia (Pyramid of Cestius)



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