Kids party in Rome: some fun ideas and experiences

Children’s party in Rome: how to organize the perfect one!

Organizing a birthday party for children is often a challenge, because it is not always easy to satisfy the birthday boy’s or girl’s wishes and involve everyone in fun activities.

For this reason, we decided to help you by giving you some ideas for organizing the perfect birthday party.

First, choose a place that is easily accessible by public transport, so that the friends’ parents can easily reach their destination.

Then choose a spacious location, which allows the children to move around easily and to be able to play with each other.

Organize different and out of the ordinary activities that will make the birthday party memorable.

Last suggestion, perhaps the most important, get help from those who are experts in the field of event organization in order to manage everything in the best possible way, without the fear of forgetting something important, and having the certainty that the party will be a great success.

Remember: for children the watchword is fun!

Organize a children’s party in Rome by choosing from the Insideat experiences!

How to organize a perfect birthday party in Rome?

We at Insideat can help you by suggesting three different proposals: fun food-themed experiences to involve children with some activities in the kitchen.

Insideat’s experiences are designed to entertain and amuse children with activities that allow them to put on the role of little chefs and make fresh pasta, real pizza or various cookies with their own hands.

Insideat kids’ experiences

  • Fettuccine and ravioli party

A fun opportunity to learn how to make the classic shapes of fresh Italian pasta with your own hands, playing with three simple ingredients to experiment with their dexterity and stimulate creativity.

For the occasion, the children will play the role of aspiring cooks and will have fun kneading the ingredients and creating fettuccine and ravioli with the help of the older chefs.

Find out more about Insideat’s Fettuccine and Ravioli Party!

  • kids’ pizza party 

Who as a child hasn’t dreamed of becoming a pizza maker and tossing pizza in the air?

With the kids’ pizza party all this is possible!

In fact, children will become little pizza makers and will try their hand at making one of their most loved dishes, starting with the dough. After mixing water, flour and yeast, they will learn how to roll out the pizza and season it with their favorite ingredients and then enjoy it all together.

A unique occasion that they will always remember.

Find out more about our kids’ pizza party!

  • kids’ cookies party

If, on the other hand, you want to conquer children with sweetness, we recommend our experience focused on making cookies.

The little pastry chefs will learn how to make the dough for the short crust pastry, of different colors and tastes, to then create different shapes cookies.

Also, during this party, they will put their creativity to the test as they will also take care of the decoration of the cookie packages, which they will take with them as a pleasant souvenir of the event.

Find out more about our kids’ cookies party!

Furthermore, the idea of organizing a children’s party in Rome is also perfect for an event that is not a birthday, such as the end of the school year or for a school experience that combines moments of learning and fun.

Our children’s parties take place in Rome, in the Prati district, at the PummaRe restaurant. However, it is possible to organize personalized food-themed parties and events based on requests and availability.

Contact us to organize a fun children’s party in Rome with Insideat!

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