The historical markets of Catania. A priceless treasure to be discovered with Insideat.

Live like a local. The historical markets of Catania.

A true Insideater knows it well: to really get to know a city you have to immerse yourself in its daily reality. You have to get lost in its streets, deviate from the most beaten paths, get in touch with people, talk to them, live like them, move like them, eat like them. In this regard, today we’ll tell you about the historical markets of Catania.

To live like a local it is in fact important to visit the places where historically the concept of “exchange” finds its true meaning: the city market. Catania is a medium-sized Italian city and, as such, sees a large number of local markets present on its territory. In all these places of commerce and aggregation, thousands of workers and customers discuss each day the subject so dear to Italians: good food.

Yet it is also true that some of these, like the historical markets of Catania, are more important than others, because historically they are more stocked with specialties or because they have become reference points for restaurants and trattorias. In addition, sometimes they become reference points also because more valuable and selected goods arrive on their counters, or because the city administration is committed to enhancing them, or simply because experience counts and families of traders have been working there for generations.

Among these there are what in Sicilian is called “A piscaria” (the fish market) and “a fera ‘o luni” (the lion fair) where you will be sure to taste the best typical products of the authentic Sicilian tradition.

It is in one of the historical markets of Catania that Insideat will take you to discover Sicilian specialties on an authentic street food tour of Catania.

The tour of the historical markets of Catania

The Catania Street Food Walking Tour by Insideat is a fantastic opportunity to stroll in company through the streets of the historic center of Catania and the “La pescarìa” market, in the name of relaxation and competence.

Our guides will make you feel at home and will make you become “Catanian” for a few hours. You will try sweet and savory recipes.

Do you want to know what you can taste with the guide?

Here are some examples: fresh Mediterranean fish from the fishing boats; the best local cold cuts and cheeses, an inestimable wealth of the countryside and mountains of the hinterland; as well as the symbols of the renowned Sicilian rotisserie.

If it is hot, there will be nothing to fear, during our tour you will sample a few refreshing drinks typical of the area and much more.

And that’s not all. The tour is extremely scenic and panoramic. Outside the market you will be able to admire unique monuments and places of interest, some of which have been kept secret for centuries and now have been rediscovered by locals and travelers.

Amici Insideater, our itinerant tour through the streets of Catania is dedicated to you who are not just tourists, but curious travelers, to you who interpret the journey as an experience, to you for whom every step is a discovery. Maybe you will return home with one less souvenir, but with one more memory, that of the aromas and flavors of the culinary specialties tried in the city market.

While waiting to meet us in Sicily, you can follow us on Instagram or on our YouTube channel to discover many typical products and recipes in which to enhance their flavors.

Join Insideat and… Live, taste, enjoy Catania!

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