Cooking team building: the rules for putting the team to the test in the kitchen

Team building: the most effective event for strengthening the team

Team building is one of the main goals of those responsible for managing a group of company collaborators. On the one hand, helping them grow and making them close-knit and constantly motivated is the key to guaranteeing constant growth for one’s work environment. On the other hand, it is essential to ensure that each of them is always made the most of and employed in the right position, in relation to their skills, attitudes, abilities and ambitions. It is not always easy to find out what these personal characteristics are, sometimes they emerge easily in job interviews, but often they emerge over time with the daily observation of the collaborator’s working life. Other times, however, they struggle to come out due to some aspects that depend on the organization itself or on the character of the individual.

We must therefore break the routine, move everything to another dimension and a new context, in order to see these hidden and latent aspects as they emerge.

And what’s better than a team building event to achieve all this?

Food and wine themed team building

There are different types of team building, but in each case two aspects are fundamental: the ability to work as a team and the aptitude for leadership, hopefully a democratic and a visionary one.

Cooking team building is today one of the most effective alternatives to obtain these results, one of the best options for companies and one of the most appreciated by employees and collaborators.

In fact, more and more people show their interest in cooking and want to acquire skills related to good food. Furthermore, the attention of connoisseurs and amateurs towards good wine has never been so high.

In a nutshell: involving your team in a cooking team building is the best idea to intrigue and stimulate every single component.

The 6 rules for a perfect cooking team building

Carrying out a food and wine team building event is not a simple team cooking exercise. In addition to “getting your hands dirty”, something else is needed and we are referring to some techniques and expedients capable of stimulating the creativity of team members, making them feel at ease, giving them some new skills and giving them the opportunity to emerge.

So let’s have a look at the 6 rules to facilitate the achievement of goals thanks to a cooking team building event:

  1. To train and intrigue: a day in the kitchen is not simply a way to learn how to prepare a recipe, it is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the true essence of good food. For example, the chefs and operators of Insideat are trained to be able to convey to their guests the love for the prime ingredients, especially those typical of the territory, but also to be able to intrigue and stimulate them with anecdotes and details that will show each step in a new light indispensable for the preparation of a dish. Explaining the why of things in a simple way and with appropriate storytelling techniques is the key to capturing the attention and trust of our guests.
  2. Entertainment: we have previously talked about how a team building event should be an opportunity to detach from the work routine, its rituals and its settings and procedures. In fact, during a cooking team building event you need to have fun, as there is no involvement without evasion. Only when each member of the group manages to let go, perceiving this adventure as something other than a simple corporate event, will he feel ready to bring out dormant or hidden characteristics and abilities. With Insideat you can have a lot of fun, listen to interesting anecdotes, share experiences and points of view on good food.
  3. Game and challenge: what better way to entertain people than by playing a game?So since we’re in a kitchen, let’s try to form teams called “brigades”. During a culinary team building different challenges can be proposed: some practices, such as creating the thinnest sheet, the most precise fettuccine, the most elastic dough; some theoretical, such as food and wine-themed quizzes; other creative ones, such as proposing and creating new pasta formats, recipes and combinations. The game can then also aim at obtaining a prize, for example whoever wins the challenge is rewarded, and at the end of the day the experience ends with the awarding of the winning team.
  4. Leadership: it is evident that the game and challenge phases can be an opportunity to bring out the leadership skills of some members of the group. Each team can be invited to nominate a leader, who can be elected by acclamation or emerge through some sort of internal selection. The peculiarity is that in these cases it is possible to reshuffle the cards with respect to company organization hierarchy and bring out surprising new leaders. The advantages are many such as the possibility of personal growth, the birth of a new team spirit and the improvement of performance for the whole company.
  5. Relaxation: There is a time for training, a time for fun and there is a time for relaxation. In order for the team to feel fully at ease throughout the session, one or more decompression phases must also be guaranteed, starting with the reception and welcome. Even a fun and creative activity absorbs physical and mental energies and, as also happens in the workplace, it is occasionally necessary to guarantee participants moments of pure and simple relaxation. Whether it’s in front of a glass of wine or while eating a supplì while waiting to start the experience, this aspect is fundamental, since without it, it will be difficult for some participants to immerse themselves in the new adventure.
  6. Personalization: at the end of this review of the rules for the perfect cooking team building event, we like to mention a rule that is very close to our hearts. We assume that every organization is different in terms of size, leadership, objectives and approach, therefore it will not be appropriate to offer everyone the same experience. We at Insideat care about the dialogue with the client, aimed at creating a partnership that is not only commercial but also one of vision. The team building event will therefore always be created by resorting to comparison and planning for objectives. A tailor-made experience will be far more effective than a standardized one.

This is what we believe in; would you like to live an experience with us?!

If you want to discover our proposals and create with us a cooking team building event suited to your needs, write to info@insideat.eu.

We plan team building together based on individual needs and give your collaborators the opportunity to improve while having fun!

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