Tiramisu class in Rome: the best cooking class to learn how to make it

Italian tiramisu: a dessert adored by Italians and foreigners alike

There is no Italian dessert more famous in the world than tiramisu. Although it is a relatively recent recipe, given that it was created and codified in Veneto no more than 60 years ago, it spread very quickly throughout the peninsula. In addition to the unmistakable taste, one of the main reasons for its success was its simplicity of preparation, it could and can in fact be made quickly and successfully in all Italian kitchens. A few easily available ingredients are enough: fresh (or pasteurized) eggs, mascarpone, fresh cream, ladyfingers, sugar and cocoa powder, plus a few variations for decoration for those who want to give a touch of creativity. No cooking, just a few hours of rest in the fridge.

With these premises, it was then inevitable that tiramisu crossed national borders and arrived all over the world, thanks above all to the word of mouth of tourists who have tasted it over the years and who have been conquered by its creaminess and the perfection of the combination of its ingredients.

Tiramisu class in Rome: the cooking lesson to make a perfect one 

Foreign tourists who visit Italy are among the greatest admirers of tiramisu nowadays, many of them turn to us at Insideat precisely because they are looking for the perfect tiramisu class in Rome. And we are ready. Every day we hold cooking lessons at our locations in which our guests, Italians and foreigners, prepare with their own hands the tiramisu that they will eat shortly thereafter, made with high quality ingredients and under the supervision of our Chefs.

But that is not all. For them, tiramisu will be the worthy conclusion of a gastronomic journey that also includes the creation of fresh egg pasta made by hand, according to recipes handed down from generations of Italian grandmothers. Insideat, in fact, offers participants of the tiramisu class in Rome the opportunity to learn how to make fettuccine and filled ravioli by hand, always guided by professional Chefs, who narrate the origins of these ancient recipes.

Everything the guests prepare will then be tasted in combination with the great sauces of the Italian tradition, such as carbonara, fresh pesto, fresh tomato sauce with basil, etc.

Our tiramisu class in Rome gives you an opportunity to learn how to make three great classics of Italian cuisine and be able to replicate them at home. It also leaves you with an indelible memory of a unique food and wine experience.

Great fun and a real enjoyment for the palate of our Insideaters, who spend a few hours discovering and tasting authentic Italian cuisine.

Would you like to be one of them? It’s very simple, you can book your tiramisu class in Rome directly here on the Insideat website.

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