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When Walls tell us a story: the Roman Street Art.

Rome is a real open-air museum, not only for the numerous monuments around the city but also for the spreading of a new (but very old in its soul) kind of art. The street art.
This new wave has colored the walls of many suburbs of the city, from Corviale to Ostiense, from Pigneto to Rebibbia.
They became a cultural and artistic hotspot for locals and tourists. The official Rome Tourism website has drowned a map to admire all of them.
Let’s have a look at some of the coolest ones!

Refresh the city Project, Corviale.

This project has born thanks to Sprite company, which has given the chance to several street artists from four Italian cities to literally, refresh the city. 
In Corviale the winning project has been “Refresh the Serpentone” (the snake).  All the projects were related to the spirits of freedom, dreams, and the need to travel into the imagination.

Murals of Rebibbia, San Basilio and Pietralata

Three other murals that we want to point out are in Rebibbia, San Basilio and Pietralata.
They were all painted between January and February 2015. The cultural association Workin Project managed to involve internationally renowned street artists. The streets involved in this project are: via Fiuminata, via Fabriano, via Recanati and between via Corinaldo and via Arcevia.

The open-air galleries of Trastevere and Testaccio.

Insideat trastevere-insideat-graffiti-street-art-roma-italia When Walls tell us a story: the Roman Street Art. Outsideat the Blog

Starting from Testaccio we can find the representation of the Roman she-wolf along the facade of a building. A work of art of about 20 meters created by the artist Roa.
Instead, going to the Trastevere area, David Vecchiato decorated the staircase on Via Ugo Bassi. The work of art depicts Cristina Trivulzio di Belgiojoso one of the heroines of the Roman Republic who was particularly relevant to this neighborhood.


Roman industrial area par excellence that has changed its face thanks to the murals that have colored it. Here street art becomes a form of redevelopment, the neighborhood has been totally renewed. The artists played with the colors and shapes of buildings and the result is breathtaking.
The initiative, called the Ostiense District, is a project born from the collaboration between the Pescerosso communication agency and the contemporary art gallery 999. The purpose of giving value to the Ostiense district by promoting it as a contemporary place.
Among all the works we remember the one created by the artist Blu, created above a military warehouse now a community center. The work represents a rainbow of multicolored faces, a  message of welcome and integration towards the numerous immigrants who populate the area. (Street of Porto fluviale)

Nannarella’s smile on the market stairs: the mural dedicated to Anna Magnani!
The murals are part of the project “Anna Magnani, the diva and the woman” created by Roma & Roma with the contribution of Nuovo Mercato Andrea Doria and Ristorante Pummarè.

The face of Anna Magnani in two murals made on the stairs of the Trionfale market in Rome. In one Nannarella is smiling and hugs a cat, in the other she is thoughtful and hugs a dog. The murals want to celebrate women and femininity (Via Andrea Doria 41m)

Insideat ostiense-graffiti-roma-italia-insideat When Walls tell us a story: the Roman Street Art. Outsideat the Blog

And finally, Tor Marancia.

Another neighborhood that comes to life between colors and characters is Tor Marancia.
The project is called Big City Life, an extraordinary urban redevelopment initiative.
In total, the initiative involved 11 buildings located within the same district in Viale Tor Marancia 63.
If you walk among the buildings, the feeling is that of being inside the interior of a contemporary art gallery.
The works of art were used by artists from different countries who took 70 days of work, 760 liters of paint, and 980 spray cans.

So what are you waiting for? Rome is one again an open-air museum! Visit it all!

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