Insideat meets Tripduck

Do you know that if you want to try a different Italian dish every day you need at least 12 years?

Tripduck is our brand new and sparkling partner, an all-yellow smart travel agency offering thousands of selected experiences around the world!

Our favourite duck contacted us a few days ago for a little interview. We certainly couldn’t say no!

We had a nice chat about the curiosities of Rome and Insideat, an interesting insight into the evolution of the food and wine tourism, from the very beginning to the new world of the Online Food Experience.

Food and wine tourism is an hot topic, we always love to talk about it with the public and our partners, “after all we always end up talking about good food, wine and curious anecdotes.”

Once again, many thanks to all Tripduck team! Cheers!

We are sure you will not be disappointed, following the full article

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