Italian pizza: the cooking class in Rome

Italy’s most beloved: Neapolitan pizza

Are you a pizza lover? Would you like to learn how to make pizza in a wood oven like a real Neapolitan pizza maker? With Insideat you can do it, thanks to the cooking class in Rome. Find out how to participate below.

You are not alone, almost all Italians are mad about pizza. The numbers are incredible, 86% of Italians eat pizza at least once a week, 40% even twice. This means that more than 8 million pizzas are prepared every day, for an annual turnover of around 35 billion euros.

The most consumed pizza is obviously the margherita (35% of the choices) which, in its simplicity, conquers the palate of adults and children. However, this does not mean that consumers don’t like consulting the creative menus of Italian pizzerias in search of some tasty novelty or innovative and gourmet combinations. Moreover, the vast majority of pizza lovers (66%) have learned to appreciate the long maturation and leavening of contemporary pizza, which is healthier and more digestible.

Neapolitan pizza is the one most often prepared and chosen by customers to the detriment of the Roman one (35% against 26%), both because it is considered the classic version and because it is much more widespread in pizzerias throughout the territory. Furthermore, to make Neapolitan pizza, a classic wood-burning oven is required, which guarantees high temperatures (between 420°C and 500°C) and releases the typical aromas of this traditional cooking method.

Would you like to know the origins of Italian pizza? Discover them here!

Pizza 1 hour making class: your cooking class in Rome to make the real Neapolitan pizza

These are precisely the characteristics of pizza that we at Insideat like to present and pass on to Italian and foreign guests who come to attend our cooking class in Rome which lasts 1 hour.

Thanks to the help and expertise of our master pizza makers, guests learn how to prepare the dough for real Italian pizza and manage the leavening times to obtain digestible doughs, and then roll out the dough with their own hands, top the pizza with the best Italian ingredients, bake it in the wood oven, and eat it a few minutes later. Making Italian pizza has never been easier!

High quality peeled tomato, fiordilatte, buffalo mozzarella from Campania, provola, Neapolitan salami, fresh basil, anchovies, vegetables and spices: all these ingredients are made available to our Insideaters to make their favorite pizza and then enjoy it while comfortably seated at the table.

Thanks to this pizza lesson, you will have an authentic and unforgettable Italian food and wine experience.

Would you like to take part? It’s very simple, you can book your pizza lesson in Rome directly here on the Insideat website.

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