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The best cooking classes in Rome: the most enjoyable lessons

The best cooking classes in Rome to have fun in company

Visiting Rome is one of the best opportunities to experience a cultural journey through ancient, Renaissance, Baroque and contemporary history. Every corner of the city reserves surprises and wonders; in no other city in the world is it possible to admire so many monuments and works of art in the open air or in museums.

And that’s not all! The Eternal City is a destination to be experienced for those who want to have fun and relax with good food, art and music. Thousands of restaurants, bars, pubs and taverns, together with theaters and concert halls guarantee a very rich offer of events every day of the week.

But what are the best offers for those who want to have a fun immersive food and wine experience like a local? An opportunity to do it with a group of relatives or friends is undoubtedly to participate in the best Italian cooking lessons in Rome.

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Our cooking classes in Rome

The best cooking classes in Rome include the preparation of ravioli, fettuccine, tiramisu or pizza. Insideat’s cooking classes offer all of this. Have fun for a few hours preparing the specialties of Italian cuisine together with the chefs.

During our Pasta, ravioli and tiramisu class in Rome, our operators will tell you the story of this famous dessert and spicy anecdotes about its invention, after which they will help you create a perfect tiramisu with your own hands! It will be fun and time will fly between one tasting and another.

If you choose the Pasta class in Rome, the world of handmade pasta will open up before you, in the style used by true Italians. There is nothing more fulfilling and creative than creating your food with your own hands. You will have fun discovering how to go from a raw dough of flour and eggs to preparing different pasta shapes, such as fettuccine and ravioli to be enjoyed with traditional Roman and Italian sauces.

And then there is the Pizza class in Rome: the food par excellence for evenings with friends. Making pizza is a party, just smell its scent and you will start having fun. You will discover with our chefs how to prepare a perfect Neapolitan-style round pizza in an hour, cooked in a wood-burning oven and topped with high-quality ingredients, chosen by master pizza makers. Eating pizza made with your own hands will be one of the best experiences of your life.

These are some of our experiences in Rome, which you can join together with your family or friends to spend a few hours full of fun and good taste with Insideat.

Learning how to make typical Italian dishes by following traditional recipes and the advice of our Chefs, together with stories and anecdotes about Italian cuisine, will allow you to have a wonderful experience and take with you a beautiful memory of the moments spent together and the recipes made. Once your experience is over, you can taste what you have prepared with your own hands, sitting comfortably at the table and enjoying the moment in total relaxation.

If you want to join one of our Italian cooking classes in Rome, write to us at for special requests or book one of our cooking classes directly by choosing from those proposed below.

We’ll be waiting for you with an apron to put on and become a true Italian in the kitchen!


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