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5 things to see in Catania

Insideat takes you to discover 5 things to see in Catania

Insideaters, today we want to take you to discover Etna's city, showing you 5 things to see in Catania, including history, culture and delicacies to be tasted.

If you’ve never been in this magical city and you don’t know where to start with your visits, no problem, Insideat will help you.

What’s among the 5 things to see in Catania?

Like everywhere, the heart of the cities are the main squares and that of the Dome is a proof of this!
In the center of the square you can admire the Elephant Fountain, carved in black lava stone and above which an Egyptian obelisk rises. People living here believe that the statue has the power to control the eruptions of Etna!

Did you know that the people of Catania call the elephant statue u Liotru? This name derives from the modified pronunciation of the name Eliodoro, a nobleman from Catania who tried to become bishop of the city and who, perhaps, sculpted this statue. The reason, however, is not known.

Behind the fountain you can find the Cathedral of Catania, which can be visited for free during the week and dedicated to Sant’Agata, the patron saint of the city. Inside there is also the tomb of the famous composer Vincenzo Bellini.

A few steps from there you can see the Roman Theater, a structure dating back to the second century, surrounded by modern buildings of the twentieth century, which will take you into the past and leave you bewitched by its architecture.

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Another round, another square Insideaters! We are talking about the University square.
Around the square there are four beautiful candelabra, but did you know that each of these is associated with a legend? For locals, the candelabra represent the adventures of some legendary figures of this town, who performed heroic deeds for Sicily and therefore are worthy of being remembered.

A moment of relaxation? It’s time to have a break at Villa Bellini, one of the things to see in Catania!
The perfect place to enjoy a picnic or a moment of calm on a bench in the middle of nature, for a breath of fresh air while remaining in the city. There is a beautiful garden in which spending time between nature and culture, thanks also to the presence of the statues of some Italian historical figures.

One of the last things to see in Catania, if you want to visit a real old-fashioned market, however, the fish market is the place for you! A typical market where you can find fresh fish and some of the delicacies of authentic Catania food.  If you are curious to visit it and to do numerous tastings of fish, typical salami and cheeses of the place as well as some Sicilian street food, join our Catania Street Food Walking Tour through the streets of the center here. 

Dear Insideaters, hope we gave you good suggestions on the 5 things to see in Catania and, if you want to discover the city with us, discover all our experiences here!

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