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The pizza lesson in Rome you were looking for is the one from Insideat

The exciting world of high-quality pizza

More and more people are becoming passionate about the world of leavened products and pizza in particular. Even in the most popular supermarkets it is now possible to buy high quality flours, while hundreds of videos are available online that explain how to make a good pizza at home. We at Insideat have also published videos on our YouTube channel on how to obtain a good result with the home oven or with the pan/grill technique. Many pizza enthusiasts are learning to understand how to make good quality pizza, but also where to find it. Furthermore, more and more people want to try their hand at preparing and cooking real Neapolitan pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven.

The best pizza class in Rome with Insideat

The cooking pizza lesson in Rome offered by Insideat in recent years has become one of the capital’s points of reference for those who want to learn the basics of dough making and the baking and cooking technique of a Neapolitan-style pizza in just one hour. In our location a stone’s throw from the Vatican Museums our guests are followed by our chefs right from the phase of mixing water, flour, yeast and salt. They are then provided with a perfectly leavened and matured loaf of bread according to the most modern standards of highly digestible pizza which they can roll out, garnish with the toppings of their choice and bake under the guidance of the master pizza chef.

The best pizza is the one made with your own hands 

In Rome as in Naples it is now quite easy to find good pizzerias that prepare classic and modern Neapolitan pizza, perfectly digestible and made with high quality ingredients. But only Insideat with its pizza lesson in Rome offers its customers the opportunity to taste the pizza they love, the one made with their own hands, topped with creativity and imagination, exactly as each of them desires it.

Insideater, what are you waiting for? Come and prepare real Neapolitan pizza with us in the best pizza lesson in Rome with Insideat! 

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