A journey through the small secret bookshops of Rome

Rome, the Eternal City, a pioneer of beauty, charm, and culture.

Its libraries are no different.

Beyond the big bookstore, it is a real pleasure to stroll through its most hidden neighborhoods, discovering small shops dedicated to the pleasure of reading, full of secrets, ancient books, and curiosities.

Are you ready to start this new journey with us?

L’Aventure, Via del Vantaggio 21

Neighborhood bookshop specialized in French comics in the original language, from the great classics to the latest news. Inside, suggestive, and organized, it is possible to find books of all kinds of publishers – from the most known ones to the independent ones.

Moreover to comics, some of its bookshelves are dedicated to visual arts, illustrated books, lithographs and screenprints.

Fahrenheit 451, Piazza Campo de’ Fiori 44

Farhenheit 451 has been in the shadow of Bruno’s statue since 1989: a small library dedicated to the research and sale of rare books. With particular attention to the figurative arts (cinema, photography, theater), it represents the perfect place to spend a slightly bohemian evening, far from the chaos of large bookstores.

A gem, for connoisseurs.


Il Mare Libreria Internazionale, via di Ripetta 239

The best-stocked bookshop in Rome regarding books dedicated to the sea. With its catalog of over 35,000 titles dedicated to boats, sailing, biology and coastal cuisine.

It also includes a large emporium dedicated to marine art, including compasses, nautical charts, and instruments for navigation and diving. It also organizes events dedicated to maritime traditions: food and wine tastings are not to be missed!

Worth the dive!

Settembrini Libri e cucina, Piazza Martiri di Belfiore 12

A small bookshop & restaurant that is a real gem. A meeting point for a dinner or an aperitif, in a refined, intimate and informal environment, surrounded by books of all types. Special mention for the very high quality of the tasting menus, both food & wine… And book!

Bookstorie, Via Valsassina 15

Bookstorie is a small literary café “4.0”, born from an all-female project dedicated to culture and the exercise of opinion. Here, you can flip through a good book while enjoying excellent coffee. A special space is dedicated to the world of Specialty Coffees, a corner where you can read books dedicated to permaculture, a conscious supply chain, and alternative extraction methods.

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