Chefs’ recipes by Insideat

Prepare typical Italian recipes by Insideat!

Italian cuisine is made up of traditional recipes handed down by generations of women and grandmothers who prepared great dishes with simple and seasonal ingredients. 

Over the years, those dishes have become iconic of Italian cuisine, well-known throughout the world for their goodness and also reproduced abroad by all those who love to get closer to the Italian food and wine culture.

Insideat wants to promote and enhance Italian food and wine not only through food tours, cooking classes and various types of experiences, but also through traditional regional recipes.

From this desire, the Chefs’ recipes by Insideat are born, made by our professional Chefs with simple ingredients that can be found anywhere. You will be able to reproduce the typical dishes of our wonderful land at home.

Wherever you are, the best Italian recipes within your reach, following, step by step, the advice and the secrets of our Chefs.
Fanciful first courses, delicious main courses, typical desserts and holiday dishes: all of that and more in the Chefs’ recipes by Insideat.

Subscribe to the “iCuochi by Insideat” YouTube channel to not miss out on the best Italian recipes. Our Chefs will answer your questions and clarify any doubts for a guaranteed result.

With Insideat you can finally cook typical recipes, traveling to Italy with your taste while being elsewhere. However, if, by any chance, you are lucky enough to be already in Italy you can learn first-hand! Discover the Chefs’ recipes by Insideat clicking here!

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