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Food and wine-themed team building in Rome: an innovative way to involve your team

Insideat is very attentive to B2B activities dedicated to Italian and foreign companies characterized by an innovative spirit and great attention to the well-being of collaborators and partners. It is precisely to them that we have decided to dedicate a part of our business, enhancing our know-how on the subject of experiential food and wine and good Italian cuisine, as well as our ability to manage large groups.

This is how our team building events in Rome were born and are now appreciated for engaging and challenging activities that aim to build and/or improve team spirit and team harmony, essential factors for working well together.

Insideat team building in Rome: 

Pasta making challenge 

We like to define the pasta making challenge as the experience that allows you to discover what the members of your team are made of.

Your colleagues and collaborators will be able to challenge each other in the creation of handmade pasta, a great classic of Italian cuisine, a legacy of generations of grandparents, who managed to enhance the simple ingredients of our land.

With this team building event in Rome, each of the team members will be able to try their hand at kneading the dough, made with flour and eggs, and at creating classic Italian pasta shapes, such as fettuccine and ravioli, actively discussing with colleagues, supported by one of our chef trainers. There will be fun challenges and quizzes in which the teams of participants will be able to bring out their leadership skills, always with a view to promoting cohesion and collaboration between team members.

At the end of this creative and healthy competition phase, there will be ample space for relaxation and conviviality. So: everyone at the table to taste the product!

Pizza making contest

To make a good, digestible and tasty pizza you need good dexterity, the right creativity and a certain attention in the choice of ingredients. A good dough must be elastic, fragrant and easy to digest and to obtain all this it is necessary to discover the secrets of good pizza makers.

Our pizza making contest in Rome is the perfect activity to get to know these aspects and consequently be able to create a top-level culinary experience, in which the team can share goals, knowledge and relax.

Our master pizza maker will assist each participant in the preparation of the pizza in the phases of dough, spreading and baking. In fact, each of these moments hides some secrets that can give a turning point to their ability to prepare excellent pizza at home.

Also in this case there will be moments of challenge and play, always with the aim of bringing out the hidden skills of each team member. Once the challenge is over, you can sit down at the table to eat the prepared pizza, and relax in front of a good glass of wine or beer.

Pasta class & wine tasting in the vineyard

Challenge your team in a unique setting with the pasta class & wine tasting experience in the vineyard!

The location is exceptional: an 18th century farmhouse from which you can admire an enchanting view of the Castelli Romani vineyards.

The team’s welcome will focus on the local wine, which will be served for tasting, accompanied by house appetizers. We will then go on to visit the farm, to discover the winemaking process that the host cellar uses with modern and avant-garde techniques for the production of famous wines, which come from the millenary tradition of this area.

Once the tour is over, it will be time to get to work. With a rolling pin in hand, each member of the team will be able to roll out the dough which they will later taste, served with an Italian sauce prepared by our chef.

At the table, two glasses of wine will accompany the well-deserved meal, narrated by the owners of the cellar. The team will then be able to get to know the gustatory and olfactory characteristics of these wines even better, at the very moment they sip it.

This team building event between vineyard and kitchen is perfect for involving curious employees and collaborators who want to get involved in unexplored fields and test their skills.

Tortellini making challenge

It is a truly challenging team building, dedicated to those who want to try to achieve good-level goals in the field of home cooking.

In fact, to make stuffed pasta well there is a need for coordination, programming of the processing steps, precision and finalization in a short time, because the dough is delicate and must not dry out too much. It might seem like a difficult task, but teamwork and the help of the chef will allow team members to have great satisfaction and an excellent result.

And as with all Insideat team building activities, the tortellini making challenge will end with a nice convivial moment to allow everyone to taste their own pasta dish, made with great teamwork.

Mixology game

Mixology is one of the most loved and attentive activities of recent years. The awareness of drinking well and responsibly has led many people to deepen the theme of quality spirits, carefully tasting what is served by the bartenders of the frequented places, inquiring about the ingredients and production areas, as well as the preparation techniques of the most famous cocktails. In fact, our Master Bartender will hold a short but interesting lesson on the most used distillates and preparation techniques, to then kick off the real mixology game.

Thanks to the Insideat Mixology game in Rome, your team members will be able to learn how to create cocktails which will then be evaluated by the expert for the final award ceremony.

The challenge will obviously have a friendly nature, everyone will have their own station equipped with professional equipment to be able to mix the ingredients suitable for creating the most famous cocktails. We will find out who is the most gifted team member with intuition, sense of proportion and dexterity in mixing.

Furthermore, each participant will be able to create their own cocktail, which will then be tasted and evaluated by the bartender. Finally, a tasting of Neapolitan pizza prepared by the master pizza maker will be offered, followed by a small award ceremony and a certificate of participation for everyone.

Noble spirits

As with the Mixology game, Noble spirits was also born with a view to enhancing a much loved area in Italy and in the world such as that of quality distillates. Always emphasizing the need to drink responsibly, Insideat offers companies the opportunity to test the sensory capacities of each employee, through a journey made up of moments of training, leisure, sharing and relaxation.

Accompanied by our master Bartender, the entire team will choose the distillate they prefer to discover its production process, told by our expert.

But there will not only be theory, we will immediately move on to practice with the evaluation of the organoleptic characteristics and the tasting of 5 premium labels.

Once the taste buds and the sense of smell have been trained, we will move on to the actual operational phase. The teacher will start a game to test the sensory skills of each member of the team, through moments of comparison and sharing.

Finally, the most creative moment will arrive, the expert will prepare a personalized drink, created on the basis of the tastes of the group, which will be tested in combination with the gastronomic product that best enhances its qualities: in short, a total sensory experience.

As you can read, Insideat organizes team building experiences in Rome that involve the whole team in out-of-the-ordinary activities and which allow you to test the characteristics of the team and put each member’s skills to the test through exciting challenges and mouth-watering tastings.

If you want to organize a food and wine-themed team building in Rome, you can write to us at to receive a personalized quote based on your needs.Alternatively, you can discover all the Insideat team building activities in detail by consulting the website

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