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Ice cream and fettuccine lesson in Rome: let’s make two great classics of the Italian tradition together

Italian gelato: an excellence that the whole world envies us 

Ice-cream and gelato are not the same thing. There are some difference, gelato is an artisanal product of different flavors, prepared with genuine and fresh ingredients, such as fresh fruit or dried fruit and sometimes with the use of high-quality creams. In fact, a good gelato certainly has great value for its productive and organoleptic qualities, but also because it has become a specialty of Italian food, known and appreciated all over the world.

Today you can learn how to make it and taste it with a gelato and fettuccine lesson in Rome!

Ice-cream: a product that is simple to make and that everyone likes

Ice cream usually means industrial or semi-artisanal ice cream. Industrial ice cream is often processed with cutting-edge machinery, capable of giving ice cream many different shapes: biscuits, cones, cups, cakes, etc. But ice-cream can also be prepared by semi-artisanal machinery, and then dispensed on the spot in cones and cups, to the delight of adults and children. Often, ready-made bases based on milk, cream, egg and sugar are used to produce it. The result is certainly very tasty, even if there are some differences compared to Italian artisan gelato.

Although it is produced and sold at the same temperature as gwlato (-18°C), ice cream can be kept longer, because the ingredients used perish more slowly. The genuine and fresh ingredients of Italian ice cream are more delicate and lose their organoleptic characteristics more quickly. Ice-creams are characterized by a greater presence of air, while in Italian-style ice cream the presence of air is limited, so much so that the texture is more creamy and velvety, in fact it melts differently in the mouth.

Gelatiere and gelataio: do you know the difference?

In Italy a lot of ice cream is produced every year and the master ice cream makers compete to see who produces the best gelato, always sourcing fresh and selected ingredients.

By the way, do you know what the difference is between a gelatiere and gelataio? The gelatiere is the gelato chef, the one who knows the ingredients and the procedures, selects the ingredients, chooses and invents new flavors and combinations; he is a technician, a chemist, an expert and an enthusiast. The gelataio is undoubtedly an gelato lover, but often he is simply a retailer, an assembler of ingredients and other gelatiere’s recipes. So, watch out for a good gelatiere, because he knows very well how to tempt you!

Insideat’s gelato and fettuccine lesson in Rome

Today, with Insideat you can learn how to make real Italian gelato starting from fresh, high quality ingredients, following the entire artisanal production process, assisted by a chef and using a machine that makes gelato as you would in a real gelato shop.

By participating in the gelato and fettuccine lesson in Rome, in about an hour and a half, you can have fun preparing with your own hands a delicious meal based on fresh pasta, according to the traditional recipe handed down by Italian grandmothers, prepared with one of the typical local sauces to choose from carbonara, tomato sauce with basil, Genoese pesto and four cheese sauce, to then finish off with a fresh and creamy cup of bi-flavor gelato decorated by you.

With Insideat, experience the thrill of making a plate of pasta with your own hands, starting with raw materials such as water, eggs and flour, and following the process of making Italian artisan gelato to then enjoy your creations in good company.

But that’s not all, because with Insideat you can also learn how to make real Italian pizza, to make it again at home whenever you want, and much more.

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