Discover diverse Things to do in Rome for an unforgettable experience.


Live an immersive experience with the delicious bike food tour of Rome

New routes to discover the Eternal City: discover the bike food tour of Rome

Rome is a large metropolis, inhabited by more than 3 million people, sometimes chaotic, other times magically calm and silent. Every day thousands of inhabitants and tourists flock to its streets, some with their heads down, looking at a map or checking notifications on their mobile phones, some with their heads up, absorbed in admiring a building, a fountain, a square or a showcase. The perspective is unique, the flow of these stupendous images is slow and meditated. But have you ever wondered how long it takes to really see all the beauties of Rome? A week would not be enough, let alone a weekend!

Yet often travelers who visit the capital have fewer days at their disposal than they would like to, and perhaps every day they have to compress rich and tiring itineraries into a few hours. In addition to this, perhaps they want to plan and live targeted authentic experiences, to live a day like a local, discovering the good food of the area and the less traveled paths. Help! Insideat thought about it and created the Bike food tour of Rome, a unique opportunity to present the Eternal City through a particular route experienced at a different speed but with a relaxed pace, on a modern city bicycle.

The images of the beauties of Rome will flow before the eyes of the traveler with a different rhythm, but with the same charm. But there’s more! You gain time for delicious stops, where you can taste the foods of the Roman tradition!

Discover the good food of the Eternal City while pedaling

Those who will participate with us in this bike tour of Rome will go around the city to discover neighborhoods that often remain on the margins of the usual standardized tours, but which hide fantastic places to visit along their streets. And often travelers don’t know what they’re missing out!

In fact, our food tour begins in the characteristic Testaccio district, where we will start the day with the right energy, enjoying a typical Italian breakfast. After this first stage, the ride towards the city center will begin, along the Tiber River, until you reach one of the most beautiful squares in the world, the suggestive Piazza Navona. We will then pass in front of the ancient Theater of Marcellus to reach the Circus Maximus.

It will then be time for a tasty break based on Roman pizza and local wine, to then cross the Tiber across one of its majestic historic bridges and resume the journey towards the characteristic Trastevere district.

Precisely in this last stage our bike food tour in Rome will allow you to taste another specialty of the local street food, a stringy supplì accompanied by a cold beer.

Our Rome bike tour is ideal for adventurers who want to discover the city from a particular perspective and through an alternative and highly immersive route. It touches some of the major historical points of interest in the capital and places usually frequented by the locals. At the same time it allows you to taste local street food.

If you love food and wine tours, you might also be interested in other food tours in Rome and many other Italian cities!

With Insideat, not only food and wine, but also places, people and lots of magic!

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