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Make the typical italian pasta with our orecchiette class in Puglia!

The Apulian culinary culture and the predilection for pasta

Puglia is one of the Italian regions where the culture of fresh homemade pasta with the use of re-milled durum wheat semolina is strongest. Just think that in many families fresh pasta is prepared at least once a week.

Although different shapes such as cavatelli, strascinati and sagne are widespread in Puglia, orecchiette are by far the best known and loved shape by Italians and foreigners alike who come to this splendid land.

To make orecchiette, you need to mix the re-milled durum wheat semolina flour with water and a pinch of salt. They are then formed by dragging a piece of dough onto the wooden board, a typical tool used to make fresh pasta in Italy, and then turning it over on the thumb. Orecchiette are traditionally served with ragù (tomato sauce with mixed meat), although the most iconic recipe sees them combined with turnip greens (especially in autumn and winter) with the addition of garlic, olive oil, chili peppers and anchovies. For those who want to enjoy them in a fresher and lighter version in the summer, there is nothing better than a fresh tomato and basil sauce, topped with a generous grating of fresh cacioricotta or ricotta marzotica.

Orecchiette cooking class in Puglia

Dear Insideaters, now it’s your turn! Would you like to make orecchiette with your own hands with the help of expert Apulian ladies?

With Insideat you can learn the Apulian art of preparing this first course with the Orecchiette cooking class in Puglia. You can also learn how to produce other pasta shapes and formats and then taste the pasta you have made, served with a typical Apulian sauce. There will be other typical products of the place for tasting on your table, from appetizers to desserts, starting with a platter of local cold cuts and cheeses and ending with typical homemade desserts, accompanied by limoncello and lemon cream.

This local food experience takes place in Corigliano d’Otranto, in the heart of Salento and Grecìa Salentina, in a magnificent villa with both a veranda and a swimming pool, and a room with a fireplace, which can be used according to the climate and season.

The preparation of orecchiette and other fresh pasta formats with your own hands, guided by a local lady, the tasting of a traditional Apulian meal in a typical Salento villa, and the beautiful context in which it takes place make this culinary experience an activity not to be missed in Puglia to savor the authentic local food and wine tradition.

How to learn how to make orecchiette in your home kitchen with Insideat

In case you can’t come and visit us in Puglia, we have also thought of you because orecchiette are a first course to try and to learn how to prepare.

On our YouTube channel iCuochi by Insideat you can find the one that’s right for you, in which our chef Vincenzo will show you all the steps to produce the classic Apulian orecchiette, served with the typical sauce based on turnip tops.

In fact, our Chef will make it easy for you to prepare one of the most iconic and loved Italian pasta shapes to make them at home whenever you want, amaze your guests and take a trip to Puglia with taste, while remaining at home.

Prepare orecchiette with Insideat: come and visit us in Puglia or on our YouTube channel!

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