Discover diverse Things to do in Rome for an unforgettable experience.


Take the opportunity to experience a bike tour in Rome

We at Insideat have often happened to pause and reflect on the new trends of modern tourism and the new way of being a traveller. In our blog we had the opportunity to talk about the topic of responsibility and the ethics of sustainable tourism, which more and more people around the world are trying to follow and spread. The watchwords are: minimize waste, leave a smaller carbon footprint, enhance the territory, explore less travelled routes even out of season, abandon the use of fossil fuels in favor of sustainable mobility. In Rome, as in many other cities in Italy and around the world, the use of bicycles is becoming increasingly widespread and with it bike sharing services. For Roman citizens and tourists, pedal-assisted bicycles and parking stalls are available throughout the center to easily reach the various points of interest.

Insideat’s bike food tour in Rome 

It therefore seems clear that we at Insideat are well aware of this reality and these needs and have decided to offer our customers a bike tour in Rome during which it is possible to visit the city and taste the main traditional and street foods that entice travellers coming from all over the world.

Visiting the city on board a modern city bike accompanied by an expert operator also offers a unique perspective to the traveller, while still guaranteeing a slow and thoughtful visit. Furthermore, taking advantage of the speed of the bicycle, you can compress full and demanding itineraries into just a few hours. The presence of a guide trained by Insideat also guarantees that you can visit the city like a local would, to discover the good food of the area and the less travelled routes. In short, Rome will pass before the eyes of the tourist with a different rhythm, but with the same charm, gaining time for some delicious stops, where you can taste traditional Roman foods!

Discover the good food of the eternal city by cycling 

The bike tour of Rome proposed by Insideat will take you to discover neighborhoods that often remain on the fringes of the usual standardized tours, but which hide fantastic, delicious places to visit among their streets. We start from the characteristic neighborhood of Testaccio, where we’ll enjoy a typical Italian breakfast. Then you will pedal towards the city center, along the Tiber River, until you reach the suggestive Piazza Navona. We will then move past the ancient Theater of Marcellus to reach the Circus Maximus.

We will take a break with Roman pizza and local wine, before crossing the Tiber towards the fabulous and popular Trastevere district.

At this last stop our food bike tour in Rome participants will experience the most delicious moment! You will be able to taste local street food specialties and in particular a stringy supplì (fried rice balls) accompanied by a cold beer.

Our food bike tour in Rome is available for groups starting from 4 people up to a maximum of 10. 

Join us to live an authentic food and wine experience in the Eternal City!

Why choose our Street Food Bike Tour of Rome:

  • The street food bike tour lets you discover Rome through an alternative and unique bike route.
  • It is a fun and unforgettable experience;
  • It’s an opportunity to try local street food specialties;
  • It’s perfect if you want to eat like a real Roman in historic places;
  • You have a guide at your disposal throughout the experience;
  • It is suitable for children and adults;

Our bike food tour in Rome includes:

  • Tastings of typical local specialties including the famous pizza and Roman supplì;
  • Tour guided by an expert operator, who at the same time shares artistic and cultural curiosities about the places visited;
  • At the end of the tour you will “carry in your pocket” some tips on other unique places to see on your own.

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