The secret place where to admire the “Cupolone”

Insideat san%20pietro-%20cupola-roma-rome-italy The secret place where to admire the “Cupolone” Outsideat the Blog

We are not talking about any dome, but the roof of Rome: the dome of San Pietro.

The first touch was of Michelangelo, already seventy years old, who in 1546 redesigned the previous project and directed the works until his death. The construction of the work was completed in 1590 by Giacomo Della Porta and Domenico Fontana.

The dome of San Pietro is one of the largest masonry roofs ever made, as well as the symbol of Rome (together with the Colosseum, of course!).

The Basilica is 136 m tall and the internal diameter is about 43 m. Even more impressive is the weight: about 14 thousand tons!

Thanks to its height it offers one of the most exciting views of the city of Rome and stands out in the urban panorama: for the Romans it is a visual reference point.

It’s worth to check the timetables and tickets to visit it.

Fantastic views and where to find them…

Roaming around the city it’s possible to find lots of magical places where to admire the majestic Saint Peter dome. The most known is Via Piccolomini, where the perspective creates a unique optical illusion. Walking the street backwards looking towards the Cupolone, more you go far from it, more the Dome seems to get bigger.

Insideat san%20pietro-%20cupola-roma-rome-italy-tramonto-twilight_0 The secret place where to admire the “Cupolone” Outsideat the Blog

Another less known but wonderful path around St. Peter’s dome: La passeggiata del Gelsomino.

It easy to reach, from St. Peter’s station (in Viale della Stazione di San Pietro) you just have to go to the train platform, like you want to catch the train and follow the sign to “Passeggiata del Gelsomino”. Walk along train platform 1 until the breathless view of the dome.

Just renewed, it has become an enjoyable and romantic place where lovers and families go for a walk. The pathway was the only Vatican Railway, the shortest international railway in the world (little longer than 1km) connecting Italy to the State of Vatican City. In the past there were two rails but one it has been converted in this wonderful path.

Tip for you…

Visit La passeggiata del Gelsomino during the sunset, it is super romantic and suggestive.

After the sunset? Small lights run along the street, It’s a Kind of Magic!

Welcome to the secret Rome!

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