Two Italian grandmas’ recipes to face winter.

Insideat ricette-nonna-3 Two Italian grandmas’ recipes to face winter. Outsideat the Blog

In Italy, if you say winter it means comfort food. Everybody knows that in Italy comfort food means grandmas’ courses! They are jealously saved, handed down from generation to generation, prepared respecting traditions and with a lot of love.

The first two secret ingredients? Deftness and patience. Thanks to them, grandmas’ courses – like meat sauce, chocolate cake, handed rolled out pasta – give off a divine scent that goes all around the house when we open the oven or we peep what is cooking in the pot.

The third secret? Eat EVERYTHING! Because every Italian grandma will tell you that “you have to grow up”, even if you are more than forty!

So, are you ready to discover the most loving Italian grandmas’ recipes? Discover the best one, read the article!

Insideat ricette-nonna Two Italian grandmas’ recipes to face winter. Outsideat the Blog

Egg tagliatelle with meat sauce: the most loving Italian main dish!

According to legend, tagliatelle – a typical shape of egg pasta – were invented in 1400 from the chef of Lucrezia Borgia for her wedding with the Duke of Ferrara. It is said that the chef to create this kind of pasta was inspired by the long and blonde bride hair.

Insideat ricette-nonna-1 Two Italian grandmas’ recipes to face winter. Outsideat the Blog

According to tradition, tagliatelle is seasoned with meat sauce: widespread in Italy but born in Bologna. The word comes from the French “ragout”, which means “awake” (in this case it is referred to appetite!).

Meat sauce is made with beef, tomato, different kinds of vegetables and EVO oil, everything stimmed with white wine. It has to simmer at least for 2 hours, until it thickens and become delicious!

A simple but delicious dessert: the “chestnut cake”, perfect for the cold months!

The “chestnut cake” is a typical winter dessert made with chestnut flour, pine nut, raisin, EVO oil and rosemary. Its origin is old and humble and it’s one of the most common desserts in the Tuscan grandmas’ kitchens!

The first origin of this dessert is date back to 1500, near Lucca: here, mount Amiata chestnuts were turned into flour and add to rosemary leaves to make an elixir of love! Grandmas told that if the dessert was gifted to the loving boy, he would fell in love at once!
Try and see!

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