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Ajo, Ojo, Peperoncino & Left-overs


Insideat ajo-ojo-e-peperoncino-insideat-chef-davide Ajo, Ojo, Peperoncino & Left-overs Video recipes
  •    200g Pasta
    ·      2 Anchovies
    ·      2 Capers
    ·      1 Garlic
    ·      2 Cherry tomato
    ·      1 fresh chili
    ·      50g Bread crumbs
    ·      1/2 Glass White
    ·      3 Spoons Olive oil
    ·      Peppe and salt to taste
    ·      Parsley to taste


  •    Level: easy
          Preparation: 15 min
    ·      Servings: 2 people
    ·      Note: The basic sauce is just Garlic, Olive oil and chili. Bread crumbs can be baked before serving to have a crunchy texture.

Ajo ojo e Peperoncino, which is literally garlic, oil and chili is a timeless recipe.

Do you know that recipe easy to make you used to prepare after a wild night out with friends? That food that saves you when you are craving for food but you have nothing left into the fridge. Americans have burgers, Germans wurst, and Italians Ajo e olio e peperoncino. I would call it a midnight recipe, but I’m worried to discredit a recipe that tastes like what I think heaven taste. 

A Poor dish which is nothing more than the sum of some of the left-overs that every person who loves Italian food must always have in the kitchen. Ajo olio e peperoncino is like a lullaby but played by the Led Zeppelin!



1.    Cut garlic, cherry tomato, and fresh chili in big chunks. Put it into the pan along with olive oil, black pepper, anchovies, capers, and only the parsley branch. 

2.    Heat up the pan and cook everything together for 40/60 seconds until garlic gets golden in color. Make sure not to burn garlic and chili, they will taste bitter. 

3.   Set the flame very high and flambè the ingredients with the white wine. Be careful, your pan might make some flames, no worries, few seconds and the alcohol will evaporate.

4.    Deglaze (simply add water) the sauce with 3 tablespoons of hot water. Cook it for 2/3 minutes until everything gets a bit creamy. The sauce is ready.

5.    Cook you pasta al Dente in abundant salted boiling water (3l) with a very little salt (2 tablespoons).

e.i If the box says 13 minutes cooking, drain it after 10 minutes.

6.   Drain the pasta directly into the pan and cook the sauce with the pasta for about 3 minutes. Gently stir the pasta into the pan and add the pasta water step by step. This process is called Risottatura (cooked like a risotto), and it will help the pasta to spread out the starch.

7.  When the pasta is creamy, not too liquid not too dry, switch off the flame adjust with salt. 

8. Serve it adding finely cut parsley and bread crumbs.

Buon Appetito!

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