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Roman street food: the best of according to Insideat guides!

Discover the best roman street food!

When we talk about street food, Our heart melts: we feel very comfortable eating our sandwich while walking among the market stalls.

The best things come from popular tradition and street food has ancient and poor origins.

 “Of necessity, virtue”, they say in Rome, and street food responds precisely to this need of feeding plebs and working-class (even if the nobles often came to taste Roman street food in secret, guilty pleasure!)

From the poverty of the people to real iconic culture recipes like the French “pâtés”, stuffed with vegetables or stewed meat, the timeless “fish & chips” or the American-German “hot dogs”

In Italy, from north to south you can find pills of a gastronomic culture: the Tuscan “lampredotto”, the Neapolitan “cuoppo”, “pani ca meusa” in the markets of Palermo.

It will be that we are a generation that suffers from the nostalgia of black and white never lived, it will be that when we travel we want to discover the most authentic and rare pearls that a place can offer. 

Today street food is no longer the food of the people, but a real way of telling and exploring a gastronomic culture, a manifesto of identity and tradition.

If you want to discover the roman street food with a local guide, join our Trastevere food tour!


The best Roman street food: the Insideat selection!

Il supplì di Venanzio

Via di S. Francesco a Ripa, 137, 00153 Roma RM

In Rome, every two churches there is a supplì place. Each Roman have his favourite spot, and when they try a new one usually is like ” Well good, but my aunt does better”. 
Anyway, if you don’t have time to visit my aunt you can always go to Venanzio, in Trastevere. 
So simple and so perfect! 
Rice, Ragù sauce and mozzarella, fried in bread crumbs. Heavenly!

Fried Fillet, from The Filettaro in Campo de 'Fiori

Largo dei Librari, 88, 00186 Roma RM

Oh my God! 

Greasy and crunchy on the outside, tasty and soft on the inside.
Taste it with toasted bread, butter and anchovies. 
With a glass of white wine, as they say in Rome, “it’s his death”. At the Filettaro the fish is tasty and with no-frills as street food commands.

The Maritozzo, from the Maritozzaro to Viale Marconi

(yes, Roman is a simple language: if you make fillet fish you are the filettaro, if you make maritozzi, you are the maritozzaro, and so on and so on …)
The Maritozzo is like the Colosseum and the traffic, an untouchable Roman institution. A sweet and soft dough like a mother’s caress.
Cream filled and huge. Whether it’s for breakfast or a nighttime snack, the Maritozzo never disappoints.

Le polpette di bollito, da Sora Milvia

La polpetta è regina della cucina romana, e quella di Sora Milvia è la regina delle regine. Se la consistenza è quella di un bacio, il sapore arriva dritto al cuore come una notte d’amore, come se tutte intere generazioni di donne romane abbiano deciso di racchiudere in un sol boccone la passione per la cucina, per la famiglia, per la loro città. Okay, ci è partita un po’ di poesia, ma è l’effetto-polpetta. Fidatevi, assaggiatele!

The boiled meatballs, by Sora Milvia

Via Cassia, 4, 00191 Roma RM

The meatball is the queen of Roman cuisine, so Sora Milvia is the queen of queens. If the consistency is that of a kiss, the flavor reaches straight to the heart like a night of love. Okay, we are getting hot here, it’s the meatball effect. Trust me, taste them!

The rosette of Zia Rosetta, in Monti

Via Urbana, 54, 00184 Roma RM

Any Roman native over 30 will confirm what we are about to tell you: bread, in Rome, especially if at grandmother’s house, means rosette. Everyone has their ritual and their favourite filling. We are purists: the rosette goes with mortadella. Eating strictly first the bread ball on top of the bun, and then everything else. Zia Rosetta, in Monti, is a source of goodness: ham and figs, octopus and potatoes, omelette and bacon … we stop before starting biting the keyboard.

The Trapizzino
Insideat trapizzino-insideat-street-food-roma Roman street food: the best of according to Insideat guides! Outsideat the Blog

Perhaps more fashionable and contemporary, but so good that in the end, it passed the roman border reaching New York. Trapizzino is more Roman than a Roman: a pocket of white pizza (already tasteful by itself) filled with the traditional Roman recipe: chicken alla cacciatora, meatballs in sauce, Roman-style tripe … oh well, if you leave Rome without having tasted it, you deserve only pasta all’Alfredo (overcooked).

Here we are at the end of this edible trip through the streets of Rome. We searched (and tasted) the most characteristic Roman street food only for you

We just have to wish you a good walk and a good appetite!

If you want to preparare some of these italian dishes at home, subscribe to our YouTube Channel “i Cuochi by Insideat” here e watch the videos of Insideat Chefs. 

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