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Rome is tinged with green

Villas, parks, and gardens not to be missed: The Insideat's mini-guide. First part

The summer scent fills the streets of Rome, which after weeks suspended in the silence of the lockdown slowly returns to its usual wonderful frenzy.

For those who live in the capital, knowing the villas and parks scattered around the city is an essential requirement, a true survival tool in the metropolitan jungle. And even for those who are just passing through Rome, perhaps for a few days off, the Capitoline green spaces are a pleasant surprise, often as enchanting as the best-known monuments and museums.

Here then is the mini-guide of Insideat, to discover the most beautiful urban green in Rome!

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So much in the center that there is no excuse for not visiting it, and it is no coincidence that it is one of the most famous villas in Rome. What not everyone knows is that in its 80 hectares of surface Villa Borghese hides some delightful secret gardens: the Meridiana garden, the Parterre and the Tramontana garden, a stone’s throw from the Borghese Gallery. Getting lost in this villa means going through a place of a thousand and one surprises: from the Silvano Toti Globe Theater, to the pond with the Temple of Aesculapius. Passing through the water clock, reaching the terrace of the Pincio, one of the most breathtaking viewpoints from which to admire the city.

Where is it: Municipio II, Pinciano district
Entrances: Via Aldrovandi, Via Raimondi, Via Pinciana, Piazzale San Paolo del Brasile, Piazzale Flaminio, Piazzale Cervantes, Piazzale Pablo Picasso (via di Valle Giulia)

Insideat giardino-degli-aranci-roma-insideat Rome is tinged with green Outsideat the Blog

Fall in love with Rome, get ready to melt like ice cream in the sun in this magical and romantic place. Although its official name is Savello Park, numerous orange plants have given it its best known name “Giardino degli aranci”. This small terrace offers an exciting view of the river Tiber and is located a stone’s throw from another enchanted place.

Have you ever heard of the most suggestive keyhole in Rome? An unexpected wonder awaits the curious who peek through the gate of the Priory of the Knights of Malta …

Where is it: Municipio I, Aventino district
Entrance: Piazza S. Pietro d’Illiria, via di S. Sabina, clivo of Rocca Savella

Insideat villa-torlonia-roma-italia-insideat Rome is tinged with green Outsideat the Blog

A splendid garden to stroll among ponds and winding avenues, and to discover, when you least expect it, eclectic ancient structures.

The Temple of Saturn and the Grotta Moresca, are just some of the works that captured Mussolini’s attention, who in the 1920s celebrated this enchanting villa by making it a family residence. Today, Villa Torlonia houses three museum exhibits (the Casina delle Civette, the Casino Nobile and the Casino dei Principi), as well as the Technotown game library and the splendid English garden of “La Limonaia”.


This beautiful green area owes its name to the Sepulcher of the Scipioni, a Roman tomb discovered in 1780 which houses one of the most important families of Republican Rome. The park covers over 16 hectares and is crossed by the intertwining of large avenues where archaeological remains blend with the Mediterranean flora: pines, cypresses, oleanders, myrtle and laurel plants perfume the air.

Where is it: Municipio I, Rione XIX – Celio
Entrance: via di Porta Latina 10


Very close to the Parco degli Scipioni, San Sebastiano Park is part of the Archaeological Walk of Rome. Nestled between the Appia Antica and the avenue of the Baths of Caracalla. This evocative place hosts incredible arboreal essences and, not surprisingly, since 1934 the seat of the Gardeners’ School in Rome. Strolling in this park means forgetting the chaos of the capital, and when you are ready to go back … well, take advantage of it to take a look at the Alberto Sordi House-Museum which is a stone’s throw away.

Where is it: Municipio I, Rione – Celio
Entrances: via delle Terme di Caracalla 55, Piazzale Numa Pompilio, via Porta S.Sebastiano 2

Do you want to explore Rome in its greener side?
Well! Don’t miss Insideat’s next article, discovering the most beautiful parks and villas of the Eternal City! 

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