Sicilian food and wine experience with Mamme del borgo

Live an authentic Sicilian food and wine experience with Insideat!

Insideat continues its journey in Sicily and lets you discover small towns far from the most famous tourist routes. In this context you can find the guardians of food and wine traditions that are part of a territorial culture rooted in time. Even today, in fact, these traditions are carried on by the local people who make it a treasure to be preserved and passed on to next generations.

This is the case of Motta Camastra, a small village in the province of Messina, nestled in the Alcantara Valley, dating back to the end of 1100 and located near the beautiful Alcantara Gorges, full of small lakes, large waterfalls and unusual river beaches.

In this paradisiacal context, between nature and culture, Insideat has created a new Sicilian food and wine experience with the Mamme del Borgo, the “Mothers of the village”, to make the Insideater live a day discovering this characteristic place and its almost millenary culture, with people who have been preparing typical recipes for generations, including the famous macaroni (in Sicilian maccaruni).

Maccaruni are a type of fresh pasta, typical of the Messina area, made by hand with a hole in the centre, which is due to the method used for their production. In fact, maccaruni were originally prepared with a pannusa, that is a rather thin stem of a plant. It was ideal for making the hole inside the pasta, but now it has been replaced with wooden or iron spindles.

This experience (Find out more here! -Link to profile-) is much more than a tour or a simple cooking lesson: it is an immersive experience that for a day brings the tourist into a cultural context that makes him feel and live like a local.

Together with the food tours to discover the characteristic market of Catania and the beautiful Taormina, the cooking classes in the ancient farmhouse of Viagrande and the one with an authentic Sicilian family in Taormina, Insideat has reached also Motta Camastra with a food and wine experience to live, to taste and to share with the locals.

Insideat’s other Sicilian food and wine experiences in Catania and Taormina

In Sicily Insideat has set its foundations in some of the most beautiful and characteristic places on the island.

In Catania and neighboring places we offer traditional and fun cooking lessons and authentic food and wine tours, very characteristic just like the locations where they take place.

Very close to the city of Mount Etna (Catania), just a few steps away, we offer another Sicilian food and wine experience that is more than a cooking lesson. It is a food lover’s journey into the traditions of the past in a context that evokes the customs of the noble Sicilian families of the past.

The Sicilian cooking lessons take place in an old 18th century farmhouse, surrounded by a beautiful and luxuriant garden, where the owner teaches how to prepare the best Sicilian recipes, to be tasted comfortably seated at the table.

Our food and wine tour of Catania is made for those who love discovering the city, visiting characteristic places and tasting typical products!

Discover here all the food and wine experiences of Insideat in Catania!

But it does not end here, because Insideat is also present with its food and wine tours in Taormina. In the pearl of the Mediterranean it is possible to combine a visit to the suggestive Greek Theater with a delicious food tour through the streets of the center.

Here, too, it is also possible to participate in an immersive Sicilian cooking lesson, in the company of a hospitable local family, preparing and tasting typical Sicilian products and typical dishes of the area.

Discover here all the food and wine tours of Insideat in Taormina!

With Insideat not only food and wine, also places, people and a lot of magic

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