10 typical Roman products you can’t miss

With Insideat to discover 10 typical roman products you must taste

Roman cuisine is known and appreciated all over the world and what characterizes it is the use of local products.

Insideat takes you to discover 10 typical roman products you must try!

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We all know them, they are the stars of the timeless Roman first courses, the most famous: cheek lard and roman pecorino

Discover here the recipes you can made with these two typical roman products.

The cheek lard, a specialty of Amatrice, is nothing more (as the name suggests) than the cheek of the pig, salty and spicy and lightly smoked thanks to its positioning near a fireplace. He is the one who gives flavor and crunchiness to delicacies such as carbonara, amatriciana and gricia

And if we are talking about pasta, what better type than bucatini shape, large spaghetti with holes in the center, obtained by rolling a piece of dough on a cylinder of iron. Perfect for rich sauces!

Want to know a secret? Pecorino Romano is not made with local milk. Most of the production takes place in Sardinia! But there is one certainty: it is truly a tasty cheese!

Would you ever give up a good porchetta sandwich? Impossible! This product is famous for its production in Ariccia, home of porchetta.

Where to find the best Ariccia sandwich? In the historic Cioli shop, a family that has been producing traditional porchetta for over a century.

If you find yourself in a fraschetta of the Castelli Romani, you cannot fail to ask and taste the coppiette. What are they? Strips of meat, pork or beef, dried and flavored with fennel, chili and pepper.

The Easter dish par excellence? Without a doubt, the abbacchio! It is a lamb of just over a month of life with a maximum of 7 kilos. Our favorite recipes with this product? The Roman-style abbacchio and the abbacchio alla scottadito, both absolutely worth trying. 

What about some fantastic side dishes? … let the chicory and artichokes come into the scene!

Puntarelle are sprouts, similar to asparagus for their shape, of the Catalonian chicory. They have a bitter taste and a crunchy texture… perfect to combine with an anchovy-based sauce!

And then, the inimitable Roman artichoke whose peculiarity is the absence of thorns and internal hair, with a rounded shape. Perfect for the preparation of artichoke alla romana and artichoke alla giudia (discover their differences here).

Roman pan pizza is famous, but do you know what its ancestor is? The roman pinsa!

Made with wheat, soy and rice flour and with an oval shape, it is perfect for those who struggle (unfortunately) to digest classic pizza.

Last but not the least? The perfect dessert to match with Cannellino, a local sweet wine, the crunchy  wine donuts!

What are your favourite typical roman products?

Dear Insideaters, for sure we made your mouth water and now you just have to come and find us in our experiences to taste all these fantastic typical roman products!

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